MPN Voice Mentioned in The Guardian

A great article about being diagnosed with blood cancer in The Guardian yesterday. MPN Voice gets some well deserved praise for the support it provides


Thanks @Mills I had not seen the article, great publicity.
How are you and look after yourself

A great article, wasnt it, @Mills? What a time the writer had, trying to get a diagnosis. I hadn’t realised some blood cancers are so hard to precisely identify. And yes, nice mention of the MPN group. Thanks for sharing it.


Thank you for highlighting and posting this article.
It’s very well written, a great read. Good insight for those that don’t have a blood cancer into just how someone with a new diagnosis might be feeling, as well as having to cope with everything else that is going on in their lives.
Let’s hope this helps raise awareness for those with MPNs (and other blood cancers).
Thanks again.

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