National GvHD education day event

Hello forum members! There is an upcoming event called the patient and family GvHD education day in Nottingham.

Are you just diagnosed with acute or chronic GvHD and would like more information about this? or perhaps you are experiencing GvHD and want to know how to manage the symptoms?

We will have our first patient and family GvHD education day in Nottingham. This event is an opportunity to hear our patient speaker’s personal experience of GvHD and you can also hear to our speakers’ advice about GvHD management and receive information on current trials and ECP updates.

It is also a chance to meet other patients and families and perhaps put a name to a face that you’ve chatted with on the forum.

This event is free and we can reimburse any travel expenses.


Sign up here.

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Hi and welcome to our forum @Lozopin I will copy your post to @BloodCancerUK for you to see if they know anything.
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