Need Information about "non-hodgkin-lymphoma"

Hi All,

Can anyone please share about Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma for Stage 4 patients with Testicular problems?

Can anyone please throw some light on the diagnosis steps for the same and the usual reproducibility factor of this cancerous infection in the body?


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Hi @papa and welcome to the forum. It’s sounds like you have a lot going on and it must be a very worrying time. I have copied in @BloodCancerUK_Nurses who will be the best people to answer your questions.


Hi @papa,
A very warm welcome to our forum. I hope you are doing okay?
You have raised a really important topic and please do know that should you wish to talk any of this through, our support service helpline is always on hand- 0808 2080 888.

May i ask have you been able to discuss this with your haematology team at all? If not, this is certainly something we would strongly encourage as they will be best placed to offer advice around your own individual circumstances.

In case it’s helpful in any way i have linked below to a couple of pages which talks more about why fertility is important to have awareness of and discuss when you are diagnosed with cancer.
Sex and fertility | Non-hodgkin lymphoma | Cancer Research UK

Lymphoma Action | Reduced fertility (

I do hope this is somewhat useful & again, please do feel free to give our support team a call should you wish to talk things through.

Do Take Care, Lauran


Hi @papa a great big welcome to our forum and you raise such valid questions which @LauranBloodCancerUK has answered so comprehensively.
I would just say to write down all the fears, questions and practicalities you want to ask someone on your medical team beforehand, so you make sure you cover everything you want to, I walk into a medical building and my mind goes blank.
Please do let us know how you get on the not knowing is a horrible feeling.
Look after yourself


Hi @LauranBloodCancerUK and @Erica thanks for kind gesture and sharing the knowledge. With this introduction ; I have got good introduction about the disease in some depth manner.

Looking forward for more information on it. On How the further treatment should be more likely?

From the Biopsy report it is found that ; Father is having problem of Lymphoma ( Stage 4 ) and treatment need to be started now.

Current Physical Health :
His Eye-Sight is good. He is suffering from DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Vital’s are also normal from last 24 hrs. He has been diagnosed with the removal of the left part of the testis.
It was suspected that ; this part is majorly affected hence removal of it will be a no harm.

P.S. : Trying to share all aspects ; so that I can get max inputs and best possible advice. Hoping towards a positive response on the same.


Hi @LauranBloodCancerUK yeah had a dicussion with haematology as well on this part. He has suggested various diagnosis phases for the same.

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Hi @Nichola75 ,
I would urge you to add more pointers if you can so that I can get more pointers and help from different sources.


Adding @BloodCancerUK_Nurses group to further provide more inputs on such situation.


Hi @papa,
Thank you for updating us with that information & i am pleased that conversations are happening with the haematologist & your father, as they are really the best resource for reliable and accurate information which refers to individual circumstances.

May i ask have you been able to attend any hospital appointments with your father at all?

If you do have any questions around your fathers treatment, it may be possible for a telephone conversation to be arranged between his team and yourself, with consent of course.

Please so also remember that our support line is on hand should you prefer to talk things through- 0808 2080 888.

Best Wishes, Lauran


Hi @LauranBloodCancerUK ,

Warm thanks for kind attention on the thread.

Yeah, currently my Father is admitted and getting diagnosed by one of the doctors in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital.
He has started with Immunotherapy ( Restova ) with doses as per adjustability of patient.
Currently I am feeling grateful with the great gesture of doctor and attention from respective staff. Hoping the same in next stages of journey so that along with them I can safely help my father to get away from this condition.

My query is : What doses should we provide wrt diet and day to day activities so that my father can be treated well in a better manner and he should be able to take/accept the medicines and further treatment in great ( best optimal ) way ?


Hi @papa, as to your query, as a non medical person, perhaps it might be best to ask to check it out with your father’s medical team because they know your whole father’s medical history and treatment regime.
I think fresh air and gentle appropriate exercise is good for me, your father has been through a lot medically, emotionally and practically, give him time, baby steps.
Please look after yourself as well as you look after your father.


Thanks @Erica for the response … Waiting for further inputs from Sisters and Brothers of Nurse Group.

I am more keen to know the diet which I can give to my father.

As per my doctor ; the enough strength to handle coming treatment circumstances can be handled by Increasing Immunity and will power.

For Increasing Immunity ; thinking to have practical advice for diet by experts here in real world scenario ; which may ease my father to heel in better manner proactively .


Thanks @Erica I am trying my best to make him do some exercise daily. 20-30 steps only by walking.


Hi @papa
I hope you are well today? Thank you for explaining your fathers situation in more detail. It really does sound like he is receiving great care and treatment and we do of course wish him all the best as he continues through his immunotherapy.
It sounds like you have been a wonderful support to your father and offering some practical steps on keeping well through treatment is a really brilliant thing to do.

In case it is helpful i have linked here to our webpage which talks through some of the aspects of both managing side effects but also practical steps for keeping well- Living well with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK & Blood cancer side effects | Blood Cancer UK.
Additionally, it might be helpful to also read through this page, as it is a good resource for understanding some of the potential side effects your father may experience- Immunotherapy and its side effects | Cancer Research UK

Best Wishes, Lauran


Hi @papa being a non medical person I follow a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables and fish and meat.
However, if your Father has not got a good appetite I believe any food is better than none, as food is our fuel to make our bodies work well.
With medical advice sometimes food supplements are advised.
I also believe in the odd treat though.
The important thing is to ask your Father what he would like to do as exercise and what would he like to eat.
Be kind to yourselves


Thanks @Erica ; todays update is :

he is doing Good wrt Food. The dietician recommended here is Soft Diet Food ( taking into consideration he is diabetic ).
Wrt Exercise ; he has walked with help of movable scooter ; around 50-60 steps.
Sat in Shadow of Sunlight for 10-15 mins; tried to read newspaper on his own.

immunotherapy phase completed (Restova around 700 mg) and For Chemotherapy phase 1 (Cytocristine 1 mg / m square and Endoxan 750mg/m square ) are completed.

How can I predict is there any side effects or infection of the chemos are there or not ?

Your kind inputs will be really appreciated.


Good Morning @papa,

It is good news to read your father has managed to sit out and do a little bit of walking. I am sure both you and him are pleased.
With regards to the question you ask, about side effects from his treatment this should have been told to your father before he began treatment and signed a consent form. Not every patient will have side effects, however, sadly some patients do and these should always be reported back to the medical team.
The main side effects to be aware of with any anti-cancer treatments are lower blood counts. If his white blood cells drop, he has the potential to catch an infection more easily, so do monitor his temperature regularly. If he starts to have a high temperature, you need to urgently let his Doctor know. He may become fatigued if his red blood cell count drops, and if his platelet count drops too, he could bleed or bruise more easily.
There are too many potential side effects to list here, so my advice would be that you or your father report any unusual changes to his medical team, for example; breathing difficulties, vomiting, diarrhoea, new pain, urinary or bowel issues, bleeding, allergic reactions or rashes.

Encourage your father to drink plenty of fluids, eat small amounts often (if he feels sick), keep his blood sugars stable and rest if he is exhausted.

We have some great information on this page for caring for someone with blood cancer. You may find this useful to read and remember to look after yourself too!

Best wishes to you both.


Hi All,

Thanks for the overwhelming responses and acknowledgment on the thread.

Today’s UpDate :

Father is doing good
After Chemo Prephase Dose ; seems no reaction seen till time ; no infection found ( hoping the same in future )

As a part of diet ; Can I give some Dry fruits to him ? If yes , which Can I give because he is diabetic too .

Currently he is able to digest ;
From past 1 day :
a) Pulse Water
b) Liquid Oats Meal
c) Sevai Kheer
d) Few Vegetable Soup

As part of Chemo ; I heard that most patient loose Calcium ; Protein ; and Potassium in rapid rate. If it is correct ; can any one suggest what we can do as a part of diet ( apart from dry fruits ) to maintain the above nutrients in the body ?

Thanks Again all folks for your kind inputs.

Seeking some Valuable Inputs from experts here.

Nitish Srivastava


Hi @papa for the update.
I hesitate to answer any of your questions as your father obviously has diabetes and a medical history, so I think his medical team are best placed to answer your valid questions.
However, I think it does help me to have food and drink that I enjoy, so it might be worth asking your father what he fancies and then you can ask your fathers medical team about those items too.
I can really tell how caring you are, your father is very lucky to have you, but please look after yourself too.

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