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Haven’t been on this for a while, I had a blood test at doctors in October they said I am lacking in Vitamin D just to buy some over the counter ones, but I have noticed my hair is coming out looked it up lacking Vit D can cause that. I have been trying to incorporate food containing Vit D , I went to hairdresser to have a good cut and style she asked me if I had any new medication as my hair has gone really thin, I must admit I got really upset when I got home. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I know it’s a very vain of me to complain but it has knocked my confidence a bit …not sure if I should ask this of anyone hope I do not offend anyone .


Hi @Etap96

Hope you’re ok

Reading your post I don’t think it’s vain at all.

Appearance has a knock on effect to how we feel mentally and emotionally and often consciously or unconsciously it’s all related in expressing how we feel and how we appear to other people.

With cancer and treatment one of the physically most common characteristics is losing or thought of losing your hair.

It’s a question I always ask my barber and hope that he’s always honest in his reply. Not that I’d be devastated or that it would add to my list of worries and concerns but just a reality check as we as patient find our own way of managing things to either keep in touch with reality or make it more manageable.

I’ve kept my cancer diagnosis extremely quiet but honestly believe the rare ones I’ve told or are too distant to affect my life that I’ve told don’t actually believe I have cancer or believe I have it that bad.

But remember hair loss or thinning can be brought by lots of things to lots of different people of all kinds of ages so don’t be too hard on yourself and strongly recommend speaking to your medical team as often if thinning/loss is caused by meds often coming off them or trying a different kind brings it back to normal


Hi @Etap96 I really feel for you as my thinning hair really did effect me emotionally as well as my whole being about myself, I hated going out the door, looking in the mirror, lack in confidence etc. etc.
I did not think that you were vain either.
My Vit D was probably low too.
@Rammie18 has given you a great response and I think about my age, yes, it probably did coincide with my menopause.
Anyway then I got skin cancer on my head as well and in 2016 I had an op and skin graft on the top of my head so I look like a mixture of Friar Tuck and Worsel Gummidge.
Please do get medical advice from your GP
If you do not mind me sort of making a joke, which I did, I asked for a discount at my hairdressers as she had less hair to cut.
Really look after yourself and my experience is I certainly do not see people staring at me.
Please do keep posting this is a real issue and often the final straw.