New to group with PV and would like to hear from others

Hi well first 10 days on chemo and blood test and telephone consultation with hospital doctor. Good news the red cells count is coming down in the right way not to fast not to slow and white cells are staying stable. Nice to have some good news but a phone call is not really as good as face to face but he did take his time and answered all my questions. As it was going well no really bad side effects I can go 4 weeks without a check. I must carry my key worker card with me and watch my temperature but carry on as I have been doing but still no golf.


That’s great to hear and may the trajectory continue. Thanks for the update and telling us it’s going well…

Hopefully the greens are ever so closer

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Hi @Carolemavis that is good news, I find telephone consultations came be fine.
But I find myself looking at the phone till it rings and then I jump out of my skin when it does and I am trying to hold a phone and find bits, write notes etc.
However there is nothing like a face to face consultation and interaction.
Take lots special care of yourself