NHL treatment, R-CHOP

I have unclassified grade 2 A NHL and am due to have my last chemotherapy but I didn’t feel very well last week and my temperature was up to 37.5 . I called my hospital who invited me to attend. Despite my attempts not to get a cold , I got one. And I was still neutropenic 0.44 so I was given filgrastim to self inject and Tamiflu. I was advised that it’s not unusual to still be neutropenic because 5 lots of R-CHOP have a cumulative affect on the body and your body can’t bounce back as easily . Personally I have found all rounds of chemo tough. I have to see if my white cells are high enough. Fingers crossed ( I can’t believe I am saying that but I need to get the last chemo over .

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Dear wabbly, I am sorry to hear you are having such a hard time on chemo, I have ppcl myeloma and did six months of chemo and by the end I had come to the end of my tether. The good news is 10 weeks on from the end of my treatment I am feeling much better and it’s starting to feel like a distant memory, so hang on in there your body has been through the equivalent of a 12 round boxing match and it’s not something anyone would find easy. Please share the story of journey with blood cancer if you feel you want to, I am not familiar with your type of blood cancer.
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Have you finished treatment now @wabbly - how are you doing?

Hello (quick recap. Diagnosed in September 2018 grade 2A Non hodgkinsons lymphoma and had the tumour in my right tonsil), yes finished R-CHOP on 21/2/19. I have had a PET scan which confirmed the tumour and cells in my right tonsil had gone BUT I have a few cells flashing on the PET scan in my left tonsil. I have an enlarged lymph node in my groin( this is the first time I have had any enlarged lymph nodes) & a sore throat so I am waiting to see what happens next. I am being reviewed every 4 weeks.

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Thank you for coming back and letting us know how you are getting on. I can imagine those weren’t the results you were expecting from your PET scan? How are you feeling now, waiting? Has treatment been suggested or are you not sure at the moment? I hope you’re okay.

(I hope you don’t mind, I’ve changed the title of your thread slightly, to be more related to what you’re discussing, around lymphoma and treatment)