Northern California Blood Cancer Conference

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Thank you for this @clickinhistory, although I’m still awaiting news/date for my endoscopy, so this is a most welcome intervention from you, our Media Consultant.

Take care and stay safe.



Practice makes perfect, I say! This forum can be a bit like group therapy at times I think, but is free and nice and open. Bonus!

Commenting here has been so helpful. Sharing stuff with people who really know how this all feels is so supportive. I’m glad you’re here @Jimbo165 , you brighten any conversation!


@Jimbo165 you were lucky, Big Dave from Dynorod was offering to do it, then he realised it was the day after Melton Road’s Curry festival and didn’t think his tum could take it :wink:

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Oh I totally forgot to note here the one thing that really surprised me and gave me hope at the conference. Dr Gotlib, the Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) specialist, kept talking about there being potential for us to have remission from MPNs?! I’ve never heard any specialist mention that—it seemed like having chronic blood cancer would be for life and remission was for others with different types of cancers. He did say that the science is not quite there yet though, and who knows when that will be. Still, it’s something optimistic to hold onto :mending_heart: