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(20+) Ask the Experts. Blood cancer and Your Mental Health: Coping with Anxiety | Facebook

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week in May and the theme is ‘Anxiety’. Join our expert panel as they discuss the impact that blood cancer can have on our mental health, and the things we can do to help manage anxiety and help support our mental wellbeing.

  • Wednesday 17th May 2023
  • 6pm-7pm
  • Blood Cancer UK Facebook page (you don’t need to have a Facebook account to access the event).

Have you got questions for the panel, or themes you’re keen for us to cover? Let us know!


Panel Question
Hints and Tips on living with incurable lymphoma. Never having remission, constantly worrying about every lump bump twinge. How to balance the trying to live your life normally but still live with the constant anxiety of the reoccurrence black cloud ?


How to deal with people not “understanding” the ongoing effects of chronic blood cancers and ongoing treatment, when there are no cures and you are living with both the disease and treatment side effects year in year out - I know it’s a challenge to all of us on here


So true Jilly some people think because we have no physical scars like some cancers can cause that we are not suffering.
I had my treatment five years ago I was left with a 5/2 cm mass that just didn’t respond! how many people would accept a mass that big left behind from any other cancer.
Yet everyone around me thinks I’m cured and I’m ok !


Not to mention the anxiety which comes with every visit to see the consultant. Constantly living under a black cloud. In addition I’m currently supportiñg my husband who has depression because he’s worrying about me and the realty of probably facing a future on his own. I have primary MF with Calr and AXL mutations.