P17 deletion with cll

Hi again, last week l got the results of my recent blood tests and bone marrow biopsy
The results were amazing. All the counts were in range with my lymphocytes down to 6
Also there was no evidence of P17 Deletion in my bone marrow biopsy.

My haemotologist confirmed that I continue to be in deep remission. I was originally given six months to two years to live. Now after almost three years, my haemotologist says that I am good for eight to ten years
Ant importantly, I feel great and doing all the things I use to do.


wow what fantastic news. So pleased for you!

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Oh that really is such great news @JohnCP you go and take life by the horns and really have some fun.
Please also keep posting

My haemotologist commented that based on the results of the Global Trial Program I have been on, Zanubrutinib is proving to be a real game changer with over 95% success rate with patients is remission or deep remission. Praise the Lord.