Paxlovid prescription for travel to EU

Hello again @BarbaraG Please don’t assume that Paxlovid will be OK for you . . . there are many contra-indications, but other anti-virals are available here in the UK. I only know it’s OK for me as it’s been checked out with my Haemotology team, so do check out with your clinical nurse what anti-viral would be OK for you. You’re right, of course - we need to continue living life despite the risk of Covid19. We don’t like the hassle at airports, hanging around etc. so travel by train/ferry/campervan . . . this limits some Covid risk but isn’t the reason we don’t fly - haven’t flown since 2014. Don’t worry - you’re not ‘waffling’, this is a place to ‘chat’ and share our experiences. Beverley

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Glad you’ve found an insurer @Derma - I might look at them for future trips, but happy with Nationwide for now, I think, as I don’t have any other co-morbidities to declare and it’s a very reasonable price for the joint annual policy!

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Hello Beverley
Had planned to discuss all with nurse next Friday. I will ask what meds I would probably need. I will probably be the only one on the plane wearing a mask. Just can’t wait to get away.
Barbara x