Negative PCR after my week in the sun

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about travelling to Spain for week in the sun to celebrate new year and my 66th birthday with the emergence of omicron. I am pleased to say I got my PCR test result that which is negative. My husband hadn’t got his. The company we used has lost it! He has done a lateral flow which is negative and we both feel very well so assuming all is good. We felt very safe in Spain and the winter sun has certainly lifted our spirits.


Hi @ilivesunshine. It’s sounds like the break was just what you both needed and I’m glad things have worked out just as well now you’ve returned home :blush:

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Great news @ilivesunshine I know how much you were looking forward to some winter sun and it certainly seems to have lifted both your spirits.
I went for a walk today and walking towards the sun was really blinding it really raised my spirits too,
Thanks for letting us know.

My husband and I drove to Spain in November for a month. We stayed in self catering accommodation en route, and rented a house while we were there. I felt nearly “normal” again after being so very careful and totally changing our lives over the past 18 months. Nearly everybody in Spain seemed to be so much more careful regarding Covid than we do over here. Even when outside, most people wore masks and practised social distancing. It was great being able to go out for a meal or a coffee, as we could stay outside. And I went inside a supermarket for the first time in 21 months !


What a safe feeling place and a month really gives you to relax, wind down, top up your batteries and get a feeling of normality @Grannajan .
Are you hoping for a break somewhere in 2022, Covid permitting?
Is anyone else planning a trip?

Yes we’re going back again for 6 weeks in March /April - as long as France lifts its ban on UK residents going there, as we have to drive through France to get to Spain :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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My grandaughter offered to pay for me to go visit her in dubai but I’m so afraid of the sun and skin cancer .How do people manage going to hot countries ?

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Hi @Suzyq, high factor sun screen.
I have a range of highly fashionable hats, well I think they are !!!
What I find useful is one with a floppy brim that folds up small and fits into my bag.
If it is likely to be windy I have sewn ribbons to the hat so I can tie the ribbons under my chin.
I keep my arms covered with shirts/blouses or cardigans even in the hot weather.
Flowing trousers are fashionable.
I hope that helps or your granddaughter might have handy tips.
Stay safe and enjoy your paid for trip to see your granddaughter she must be really looking forward to seeing you.

That sounds a great trip. I agree about feeling much safer in Spain and almost normal.

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