Hi there, As you are no doubt aware, i am off to Turkey in 11 days for 8 days of sun. This is my first foreign holiday for some time and also my first since diagnosis. Is there anything that I should be keeping an eye on. I am also part italian so will tan very very quickly.

As for my work situation, I hope to return a week on Tuesday for 1 whole shift then off for another 2 weeks A/L. To tell you the truth, I am not missing it, i thought I would but I am enjoying being with my wife and daughter.

Have a great weekend. Love you all. Joe B


Hi @Jbeaver12 I know you are going to Turkey for 8 days of sun but perhaps just make sure you cover yourself in high factor sun cream and perhaps wear a hat.
Perhaps consider wearing a mask in crowded, confined situations.
Personally I think hand and other sanitation is important.
What about bottled water and no ice cubes.
Beware of uncooked foods like salads, especially if they don’t look fresh.
I might be being over cautious, but better safe that sorry, I say.
Yes, really just enjoy special time with your wife and daughter, that is priceless
Others might do more travelling than myself so I await their handy hints

Good morning @Jbeaver12, thank you for posting. I’m sure others will be able to share their experiences and tips.

Just in case it’s useful at all, I thought I’d also share that our website holds a travel blog, here, which talks through different aspects of travelling when you have a blood cancer diagnosis.

I do hope you have a good holiday!
Best wishes,

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Can’t add to the great advice above, @Jbeaver12, but hope you have a fabulous holiday - it sounds long-awaited and well deserved! X

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Hi everyone ,
just coming to the end of my holiday . The hotel was a nightmare but in general, holiday was amazing . I’ve attached a photo of me at the top of Alanya Castle . It was some walk from the cable car but I did it. Also visited a mosque which was also special .


Oh @Jbeaver12 Sorry to hear about the hotel.
I am so glad that you have managed so much on holiday, it looks just what the doctor ordered.
That is a stunning photo of you, the background and the skyline.
It looks as it you are also a bit of photographer
Thanks for taking the time to post it and enjoy every last minute of your holiday

Hi there, yes you are right, I do like my photography. My step daughter took the photo and her skills are improving with the camera although she has not progressed to being allowed my own camera. This holiday has been great and just what I needed.