Just back from cruise and testing negative

I hope i am not speaking too soon but have done 2 covid tests since getting home from our cruise eatlier tbis week and both negative. I am feeling well with no symptoms. If i have got away with with with it i will be highly delighted as my immune system must be working very well. Lots of people on thr ship were coughing and sneezing and no testing for covid was required to board or during the cruise. We have had a fabulous time cruising thr Mediterranean and am so pleased life is starting to return to normal for me. I was talking to a lady who had been diagnosed with breast cancer during the pandemic and still has low white blood cells after treatment. She too was taking a risk but said it was worth it. I did catch covid earlier this year in Cyprus but donr regret going. A friend of mine who i have kniw for 30 years died suddenly in her sleep last week. She had been fit and well. It was such a shock I am determind to make the

most of every moment.


Oh @ilivesunshine I am so sorry that you lost a friend so suddenly, what a shock for you after knowing them for 30 yrs.
As you say nobody knows what is round the corner so we all need to make the most of every day in the best way we can.
A Mediterranean cruise sounds wonderful to me.
I am sure I should know where this beautiful fountain is, but it is a great photo for your album.
All you can do is to take reasonable precautions and it does not sound as if your cruise liner was!!!
Look after yourself

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Hi @ilivesunshine, sorry to about your friend. My friend died suddenly in 2020, so I can understand where you are at. Delighted you had a lovely time.

I got Covid recenty following a trip to Paris. I was in a packed restaurant where they everyone was seated cheek to jowl. However, all was fine. I had my Moderna vaccine in Sept and it did the job, so I only had mild symptoms and no need for antivirals. I have heard from others that the antivirals work really well if needed.
I will be travelling for 3 months next year so it is a relief for me that the vaccines are doing the job so well.
Onwards and upwards!

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The fountain is in Valencia. A beautiful city.

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It is such a relief that the vaccines are working. My 6th one was moderna. Enjoy your travels next year Purdy. I managed to get the antivirsks when i caught covidvin the summer but not until day 5 by which time i was feeling much better.

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Your post was truly inspirational and so glad to see you are having such wonderful holidays.
My wonderful sister (she was my best friend too) died suddenly last year, miss her so much but does make you realise you have to make the most of every day. I used to share my health worries with her, something I find hard to share.

I am on watch and wait at the moment with LGLL - apparently this is a rare form (trust me!).

Anyway enjoy the rest of your hols.

This is a great forum to share things, we all have difficult times sometimes


Hi @Pru a great big welcome to our forum.
Losing your wonderful sister so suddenly must be so, so difficult for you, be kind to yourself and as you say she was your confidante
I find that I can be really honest with my thoughts and feelings on this forum, and I know people will understand. I hope you will find this too.
Yes, we all have difficult times and my thoughts and emotions have been on high alert since I was diagnosed 18 yrs ago. My tears can also come at any time.
The main thing is to look after yourself and I look forward to hearing more about you.

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Hi Erica
Thank you for your lovely kind words.
I was diagnosed in 2016 with Large Granular lymphocytic leukaemia, apparently it only affects 2% of the population. I’m on watch and wait which I saw someone describe as ‘watch and worry’, which I do sometimes! I try and keep healthy swim, yoga and walking and try to eat sensibly. It’s just when my next next blood test is due my brain starts to overthink and over worry, but guess this is normal.I know things will change at some stage. I have a lovely hubby, very supportive but unless you actually go through something like this it’s hard to understand the level of worry.
I find it hard to share, I have lovely friends but they don’t know exactly why I have regular blood tests- I just say I have a lower than normal immune system. If I mention Leukaemia - people look shocked and it makes me worry more!
It’s good sharing with people who understand and seeing their very personal stories.
So thanks everyone for being there.