Anti virals on cruise ship

I have just had another conversation with cruise line customer services. I have been asking for some time if they will have covid anti virals on board for our cruise in February. Up until today the answer had been no but today i was told they would have a limited amount in the medical centre on board. She asked me what condition i had to qualify to have them and made a note of it so its looking good.


Oh @ilivesunshine I know this has been an issue for you and it appears that you definitely got a positive response today.
I hope this can give you more peace of mind so you can enjoy your very long awaited cruise.
Look after yourself


Hi @ilivesunshine,
I hope you are doing okay? Thank you so much for keeping us all updated on this.
It is really great to be able to understand what may be available for some passengers on a cruise ship with certain liners. It also sounds like a process may be somewhat developing, so it would be great to understand more if and when you do find out the finer details.

Should you wish to talk anything through, as always our support service team are on hand 7 days- Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK.

Best Wishes, Lauran


I will keep you posted if i find any more information. It may be helpful for anyone considering a cruise.

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Thank you. I have been celebrating recovering from having covid a bit too enthusiastically recently. Out dancing, husband tripped me up and injured my wrist as i fell. Just got the splint off last week.

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Oh @ilivesunshine I was so jealous at the thought of you getting your husband to go dancing, then I read about your partnership mishap and your injured wrist and felt my husband and I might both have 2 left feet.
Look after yourself and no more tangoing.