Pegasys/peginterferon alfa-2a

Morning all, I hope that everyone is keeping as well as they can be.
A while ago, I can’t remember how long ago, but may have been pre-Covid, one of my Consultant’s team mentioned that “Pegasys will be going out of production soon”. I was wondering if BCUK have any news or information on this development?
I have 90microgram injection, currently every 3 weeks, although this has varied over the 5 years since my diagnosis depending on my blood test results, primarily concerning the balance between my platelet count and my liver functions.


Hi @Jimbo165, our understanding is that during the pandemic, there were a few drugs in which some hospitals had low or no stock. But they all came back into stock. I wonder if perhaps this is what they were referring to? Another possibility is that they were referring to the fact that newer interferon types were being produced (which are now in circulation), and that the production of that particular version of interferon was ceasing production.
In order to get the right information for your individual circumstances however, we’d encourage you to give your Hospital Pharmacy a call and ask this question, as they should be informed about any changes in drug production. If you have any concerns whatsoever, don’t hesitate to also contact your CNS/key worker to talk this through with them as it’s really important you feel informed.