Interferon Alpha

My haemotologist is set to put me on this in mid January. And reading the information sent to me (via MPNvoice) is doesn’t seem that bad I guess once you’re used to injecting yourself.

I wondering if anyone else had been on this treatment and how they’ve got on with it, how regular did you have it, any problems or side effects etc…

Thank you and hope everyone is safe and well…


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Hi @Rammie18, at least you now have a treatment plan.
We await hearing from others and their experiences.
Stay safe

Hi Rammie, if it’s pegylated interferon then I’ve been on it. If you comment to let me know then I can tell you a bit about how it was if you want. Katie

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I think so… :slight_smile:

Hope you and yours are all safe and well

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Thanks for replying

I’ve just reread the literature sent

And I think peginterferon works in a similar way but is a longer acting form of interferon Alpha

Im not sure I’ll try and find out…

Hope you’re ok Katie :slight_smile:

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No problemo! Okey dokey. I wasn’t on it for very long. But happy to let you know how it was if you want to know. I did find keeping it in the fridge a bit of a pain! And injecting yourself is fine, gets easier each time. Good luck with it!


Hi @KatieR, a very warm welcome to our forum and you have already found it’s value by helping and supporting each other.
It is a place where you can really say what it is like to be you.
We are all going to be supporting each other through the upcoming holiday season, Covid times and beyond.
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Look after yourself and stay safe.

Hi @Rammie18, thanks for asking, yes, I am safe and well and just putting up decorations and overdoing it as usual.

Hi @Rammie18 I have been taking pegylated interferon now for nearly 8 weeks. I started with a half dose and now have full syringe. My platelets were nearly 1400 when they started me on it, they went down first week by about 200 and I felt really unusually rough the first week to the point I had to go to bed. Not like me at all. However after that I haven’t really had any side effects, little more tired than normal, but my platelets did go back up again but are now coming down again slowly but are on a downward trend now, we are at about 1100 now. If you want to know any more about how you feel please message me happy to discuss with you.