Positive thoughts after treatment

What are some positive thoughts after treatment for blood cancer?

Hi. I just thought I would share something that has been a great help to me over the last 18 months. I have a small note book and before bed each night I write down three good things that have happened to me that day. They can be small things, having an ice cream or getting a get well card from a friend, but it means that the last thing you do before bed is have to think of positive things, even on the toughest days. Some days it was harder than others to think of them but I now look back on past entries and it reminds me of how far I have come.


Writing down your 3 good things is a really good idea and that is why I like Bloodwise’s Facebook ‘Feel Good Friday’ post as it really focuses my mind about the little things in life, like nature, which are usually free. It also makes me appreciate that my good friends are priceless. I sometimes look back at my medical notes and yes, I realise how far I have come. Also, yes, some days are a lot harder than others. Thanks so much for your post it has focused my mind, I hope you find this site is interesting and supportive, I do. Take care.


Hi @Fozzie123 That is such a simple but good idea. Even 10 years on and I am still having tough days/weeks, like today, when I burst into tears as soon as I saw my doctor, but then this afternoon my youngest son sent a message to say he is going to visit next week, and he has a pay rise. I hope you continue to do well


@Fozzie123, I thought writing down three good things sounds like a fantastic idea. Do you ever write more if you’ve had a really good day?

Yes, some days I write half a dozen things. It is like the best kind of diary, with only the best bits in. Sometimes I look back a few weeks or months and seeing entries about being able to walk 100 yards for the first time or my hospital appointments being changed from weekly to fortnightly reminds me how much I’ve recovered.


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Hello @Fozzie123,

thank you so much for sharing your written thoughts. I think some of us will take that on board. Walking 100 yards for the first time must have been a huge achievement for you at the time. It sounds like you have come a long way during your journey.

Hi Paul, I am bumping your old thread as I wanted to ask if you’re still using your notebook to note down the 3 things you’re grateful for? And whether it gets easier to harder to do? I can imagine on a day when you’re very fatigued, worried about the future or having treatment its more of a challenge?


I still fill it in each night.

Even on very tired days and when I’ve been unwell I can still find 3 things, even if just something simple like seeing a Fox in the garden out of the window, or having a nice dream when I’m napping during the day.

I find that even on the worst days when it takes a while to think of three things that I always manage and trying to think of positives just before bed sends me to sleep in a better frame of mind as well.



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Hi @Lozopin a great big welcome to our forum.
I am so sorry that you do not feel that there are any positive thoughts after treatment.
I am wondering why you have very honestly said this so if you do not mind me asking please would you tell us a bit more about yourself and, I am presuming, your experiences.
Look after yourself