Telling your Employer

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It helps if you have an understanding consultant & CNS.

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Hi, also perhaps a Macmillan nurse at your local or treatment hospital or your local Citizens Advice might be able to advise your best route or if you have an understanding employer, an occupational nurse or human resources dept. where you work they might also be able to help.
Let us know how you get on.

I am not going to do it immediately, but something I am thinking about for the future. Thanks for the advice.

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I recently had a conversation with someone who had decided not to tell their employer about their diagnosis and being on watch & wait, for fear of how it would change how they were treated and viewed. However others I have been in contact with feel differently about work knowing, especially if they need to make adjustments or request more flexible working. So, do any of you wish you had not told your employer when or how you did?

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Hi Dawn, firstly I am hoping things have changed since my diagnosis 15 yrs ago. I told my employer immediately and at that time I had no idea I could discuss with my employer for reasonable adjustments to be made. I just used my accrued leave and flexi leave and slept, worked and ran a house. I definitely feel from day 1, firstly, nobody knew how to be around me, some avoided me and all eye contact with me and at the other extreme seemed to peer at me with their head on one side and say things like ‘shall I make you a cup of tea?’ or ‘how are you feeling?’. Mind you at that time my senses and emotions were on very high alert so whatever people did might have felt wrong. Then, as I was always seen as the reliable one that never had a day off sick, there were suddenly meetings taking place without me and I also asked how my department ran and then slowly all the pro-active fun things I did were taken away from me and even worse some were deemed no longer necessary and I was left answering the phone. I do not regret telling my employer immediately, but I could not explain what I did not understand myself, so how could they understand. I do regret not opening and keeping the lines of honest communication going better, in retrospect I think that is the key.