Hi I’m new here. Was diagnosed with Essential thrombocythemia (ET) in 2021 been taking hydracarbamide and all had been good. My hemaglobin has gone high now and need a venesection. Has anyone had this done. I am a bit worried about the procedure.


Hi @Christine I see we have responded to you on your other post, look after yourself

Hi @Christine

I have a different blood cancer and opted for interferon over hydracarbamide.

I still have to have venesections however.

Venesections are extremely similar to donating blood. Only difference is your blood is destroyed rather than used and the amount taken out can vary too.

If you’re not familiar with blood donating, it’s a very similar procedure as having a blood test but with a thicker needle and it lasting longer.

It is very common to be anxious before your first one but you will have a nurse with you from start to finish which is really comforting. The needle can hurt and be uncomfortable but this fades quickly after every one you have.

It can take 10-30mins and you may have fluids if your blood is thick or you’re dehydrated.

I strongly recommend drinking lots of water and have a baby aspirin to thin the blood as this will make the whole procedure easier and quicker. Also be sure to have some to eat prior.

I know it’s really easy for me to say that you will nothing to worry about or be anxious about but it’s really not a bad ordeal at all and you will be perfectly fine to do anything after just a bit bandaged up for 30mins after.

Happy to answer any questions you may have