WBC Low Consistently

Hi everyone,
I’m a bit of a worry wort and this might be a bit premature, but I thought I’d reach out and see if anyone had any feedback. Since December of 2022, my white blood cell count has suddenly been low on every lab. I even had a second lab a couple of months later to re-confirm this, in addition to another lab recently, which showed white blood cell in addition to low lymphocytes (though just barely below at .9).

I feel great. I don’t really have any symptoms other than I’ve noticed my hair starting to thin. My vitamin D was also low, which was also a norm for me nowadays, and I am going to start taking a D supplement. I do tend to be dehydrated, apparently as my kidney levels are usually showing a high BUN, etc as well. I have been told I need to do one more blood test in a month and then I will be referred to a specialist…but I’m sure that is going to happen, given this has been ongoing for about a year now.

I guess I’m concerned about all the possibilities, and the anticipatory anxiety is just as bad as anything. I don’t know if there could be another cause, such as dehydration, low vitamin D, or even a bad tooth extraction I had lost October which took me a while to get over…but it seems like there has to be some sort of cause. Or does there have to be? Just trying to get a feel for what I am up against here! =-/

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Hi @jasonp82 thanks so much for posting and welcome to our forum.
This is not a medical response
I think most of us are a bit of worry worts when we do not know what the reasons or the answers or we feel we are limbo and waiting.
I think you have some great questions here and perhaps you might write them all down for your next medical appointment, they are the people that know your whole medical history.
Also ask the questions that are your fears.
Perhaps really try not to get dehydrated, I know this is obviously not easy for you.
A really good question is does there have to be an answer, who knows.
Not knowing is a horrible anxious feeling so really do look after yourself and please do keep posting.

Hi Erica! Thank you so much for responding. Yeah, it’s probably going to be a bit before I get some answers, but I hope to eventually. I will definitely keep everyone updated.

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