What is TLGL

Hi there, the heading is a question I have been asked a few times now. Yesterday I was at Minor Injuries after almost chopping my finger off with a cleaver whilst cooking. Lucky it was just under an inch deep cut which was fixed with 3 steristrips but it is sore a lot . Still when I was asked by the Nurse - any other history, I said I suffer from TLGL. He replied - What is that. After telling them, he still looked puzzled. We all know that there are main types of Leukemia like ALL, Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), Chronic myeloid leukaemia, Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) but what about the many other rare types. More has to be done to let people know of the other types of Leukemia. Blood Cancer awareness month is in September - Lets get the message out that there are people suffering from other rarer types of Leukemia.


Good idea @Jbeaver12 there are actually about 134 blood cancers.
However it is concerning when the nurse asks you what TLGL is.
I am also concerned about you almost chopping your finger off with a cleaver, it sounds as if you came off lightly but I expect it was very scary and dramatic at the time.
I will copy your post to Blood Cancer UK @BloodCancerUK-SupportTeam for you.
Look after yourself and perhaps make sure that wound heals well.

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You’re right - there are so many different variations aren’t there! I can imagine your concern when a medical professional didn’t know. It’s good to think about how we can get the message out there.
Please take care of yourself and hope the finger gets better soon.

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