What measures have you employers put in place and do you feel confident it is enough?

I know several people on here have expressed anxiety about any possible return to work and what it might mean for their condition. My employers I think are taking it seriously. The same sort of markings are in place as supermarkets as well as sanitisers, PPE and screens. Initially no students will be allowed in, just staff on a rota basis to do stock work. We will offer a click and collect book service so students can book a time slot to collect up to 5 books that we have prepared for them in advance. They do need to book in advance though and the books will be handed to them at the entrance so they won’t be allowed in. In September we will be trialing bookable study spaces for a maximum of 4 hours with 2 bookable slots per day. The number of spaces will be vastly reduced and students won’t be allowed to browse the books and must remain at their desks the whole time. All books returned will have to be quarantined for 72 hours. I’m sort of reassured by all of this. When I did my personal risk assessment on Thursday I ranked myself ready to return to work, so it’s possible I may be doing one or two shifts a week in the actual building for the first time since March. How do other people feel about their place of employment?


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