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Hi there. I am the mother of a young man whose partner has ALL. She has now been in Glasgow hospital pretty much since September. Three weeks ago she underwent a stem cell transplant. I am sure I don’t need to say on this forum just how harrowing this has been. The added difficulty is that my son and his partner usually live and work on the on the Isle of Mull. Does anyone out there know of any kind of short term accommodation that my son could access during visits to Glasgow and for when his partner is allowed out of hospital but needs to stay in the area as an outpatient (it has been suggested that Mull is too far away … and neither of them drive just to add another difficulty into the mix) My son has taken the last month off of work entirely and been sofa surfing. He is at an unbelievably low mental state but is at present still trying so desperately hard to show he can cope. His Dad and I haven’t managed to persuade him its okay to reach out for his own support … I live at the other end of the country it is heart breaking. Within reason I am happy to fund something but it seems that the conventional renting just wouldn’t be an option.


@davidsmum firstly welcome to the site and if you and your son need help, I am sure one of the site @BloodCancerUK_Nurses will be able to give you help in dealing with the medical side and the effects on others. Here is the link to ALL information

Also they have a hotline number should your son or your family need to reach out tel:0808 2080 888
As for accommodation, I suggest trying Trivago and entering in serviced apartments or or googling it for Glasgow.
Also try looking at getting a grant for the cost of having to stay away from their home due to treatment. Something the support team will be able to point you towards.
It is hard for everyone concerned, but for your son, leave the door open till he finds his own words. The sense of helplessness can be overwhelming, so be pointing him to the practical things he can do will give him a sense of purpose again.
Good luck to you all


Hi @davidsmum a very good question, and I am so glad you have found us and @clickinhistory has given you a brilliant response.
The only other thoughts I can come up with is for your son to ask his partners specialist nurse or PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) if they have them in Scotish hospitals.
Next thought from the Blood Cancer UK website although it is more aimed at you sons partner.
Blood cancer: money and work | Blood Cancer UK
Lastly does the hospital have a Macmillans or Maggies Center or equivilent that might be able to assist,
I attach a link to the Macmillan website
Make money one less worry | Macmillan Cancer Support
Your son might see how his employer can assist.
How are you doing @davidsmum cancer affects everyone and when you see how it is affecting your son and partner and you cannot do anything to make things better and they are so far away as well.
Look after yourselves and we are here for you to say how it really is for you

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Hi @davidsmum,
I’m so sorry to hear what your son and his partner are going through. It all sounds very complicated for them and i appreciate the distance between Mull & Glasgow. I understand you must feel incredibly helpless being so far away but just reaching out to us is a wonderful practical step.
May i ask how old your son’s partner is? I ask this as there is a variety of different service aimed particularly at young adults. Do you also know which hospital in Glasgow she is being treated at?
I wonder if perhaps having a talk with us on the helpline might be useful to help answer some of your questions? Should you wish to contact us at any point I have linked here to our opening times & contact details- Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK

As you have highlighted, it might also be helpful to connect directly with David if he would be willing to make contact with us. This is something we can also discuss along with potential options for financial support.

Take good care, Lauran


I really feel for you. I live in Dumfries but was treated in Glasgow (only 2 hours and my husband does drive), I spent 2 x5 weeks in the Beatson and another 5 weeks at the QEUH for my Stem cell transplant. We were never asked what my husband would do about visiting, or offered any advice where he may stay. We got by on facetime and a visit every week or so, but I found it very hard. Sorry I can’t offer any advice but it is something that really needs to improve. Good luck.