Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia - just diagnosed!

@Summertime welcome to the community, really glad you found us. I’m so sorry you’re going through what sounds like such a stressful and worrying time, I can only imagine what a shock your diagnosis must have been for you. This forum is for anyone affected by any type of blood cancer, so you’re more than welcome here! I’ll put some links below to other threads talking about ALL in case you want to read through/join in the conversations, but also, always feel free to start your own topic sharing what you’re going through if you feel comfortable (you just click the ‘Create Topic’ button top right of the home page).

You might find this thread useful, as people are sharing their experiences of being diagnosed -

Share your story: your experience of being diagnosed - #35 by Erica
And here are a couple of others which might be useful for you to look at
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How are you doing, do you have much support?
Just to let you know we have a support line which is free and confidential, so do give us a call on 0808 2080 888 or an email at if you want to talk anything through with us. Wishing you all the very best