Adult Care services and financial assistance during cancer treatment


Please can you advise?

My friend Brian has advanced non-Hodgkin lymphoma, stage 3; he started chemo 2 weeks ago. He is having a pretty tough time. He lives in Whyteleafe, in the borough of Tandridge. I recently made an online application to Adult Services, as he lives alone and needs assistance at home with various things, also with getting out and about (he’s not able to go out on his own).

I’m not sure how well I completed the application however a lady at Tandridge council called him to say that he could pay for a cleaner and that is all the council can offer. I’m sure he ought to be able to get some help at home and some financial assistance. Do you know which organisation we can contact to get advice with this or who can make an application on his behalf?

Brian is 71, he has a little money in the bank and gets a pension of £189 in total per week. He needs to get taxis to hospital as well a few times per week.

Please can you advise who can help him.


Hi Teresa

I suggest that you start with Macmillan Cancer Support who provide all manner of financial advice and help for sufferers and their families.
The central contact number is 0808-808-0000.

Hope this helps.



I agree with robin, Macmillan cancer care is the first port of call. I know from experience that working out what care or benefits you are entitled to is difficult and the more support you can get with filling in forms and being directed towards the right services the better.


Hi, I agree with the Macmillan suggestion. But also, do you you have any hospice’s local to you? Sometimes they can offer support and advice. Or perhaps a local cancer charity?

I hope you and Brian get the help you need.


Hello @Teresa12,

Thank you so much for sharing your friend’s experience with us. I am so sorry to hear about his diagnosis and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him. it may be helpful to speak to Macmillan regarding his case. Has anything helped your friend Brian since you last posted on the forum?

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