Social Care and Financial Guidance

I thought it could be useful for some people if we had a thread on different types of social care and benefits and where/how to access them. I’ve listed a few sources of information and advice which might be helpful. Has anyone got any practical advice for those struggling to access benefits or social care? Would you feel comfortable sharing what helped you in this situation?

Accessing Welfare Benefits, Grants and General Financial Guidance

Macmillan have information around different kinds of benefits and financial help and they also have a tool which allows you to check your entitlement to benefits - Macmillan benefits and financial support information
Here’s the link to their financial support tool - Financial support tool

Furthermore, here is the link to Macmillan’s support line), which offers people the chance to talk to different teams, including

  • Financial guides
  • Work support team
  • Welfare rights
  • Energy Advice

There’s also a bit of information on this page of CAB’s website about their partnership with Macmillan to provide advice on welfare benefits to people affected by cancer - Citizen’s Advice and Macmillan

Age UK also have information around managing finances and claiming different benefits for older people - Age UK financial guidance

Leukaemia Care have these downloadable booklets about welfare benefits

Cancer Research UK also have a list of benefits.

I also came across this infosheet from Myeloma uk -

CRUK also have also listed charities which can offer grants and information about grants to people with cancer and their families - charity grants

Help with Other Costs i.e Travel and Healthcare

Macmillan have information around help with transport and parking costs,here

The NHS website has information around help with health costs and also the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme which some people may be eligible for.

Macmillan have the following information around financial support with health costs such as dental treatment and prescriptions - Help with Health Costs

Practical Help/Social Care

Blue Badge scheme - CAB - Applying for a Blue Badge
Leukaemia Care have this useful guide about the blue badge scheme and who can access these - Blue badge scheme

In some areas of the UK, Age UK run transport services which can take people to their GP, hospital appointments and places such as the supermarket - Transport Services

Age UK also have information around care needs assessments and arranging social care including within the home and elsewhere - Arranging social care

Macmillan have some information around child care and pet care for people going into hospital


Hi Alice, thanks so much, what a brilliant, so vital and useful post.

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Macmillan were stars as I sent my husband for general info at the hospital, and the lady there told him about benefits we would be entitled to (never even crossed our mind as I was still being paid by my employers). She helped us fill in the form. We also bought an adjustable bed, and salesman said we could claim back VAT because of my illness.
Despite being on intravenous chemo I had to attend several interviews for DWP for fitness to work assessments, and have also had to have 2 medical assessments in the past 10 years.


I also found hospital social workers can help to fill in the form, or in my case help with mandatory reconsiderations and subsequently with an appeal. Despite being on dialysis and having osteoporosis as result of myeloma I was given no points on PIP for care. In the end after going through the hoops I got high level care and ironically if they had given me low level care at the start I would have been happy. So what I am saying is if you feel it is unfair, then appeal.



following on from this thread… my cousin has Smouldering Myeloma and is only able to claim ESA at the moment. She is on watch and wait but was working full time, however when she asked her employer to reduce her hours it didn’t work out… (another example of us not being protected even though the law is supposed to… but that is something for another thread) Anyway she has now been told she needs to go to an assessment appointment so has anyone here any experience of these? Is there anything she can say or do that will help her case? I am concerned that as with a lot of cancer cases they get rejected. thanks

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Hi Anna. I am on ESA, the 2nd group, because I am not expected to be able to work. I used to have to go for assessments, but they are better now than the original ones, which were just tick sheets and they were not interested in your medical situation. The last one I had a nurse who asked me how I coped with day to day life. She said it might be worth trying for PIP but I am not that brave yet. I did a piece on finance for the Living well thread on Bloodwise website which is now live. Any questions, just get in touch xx


Thank you
I will take a look. Did you take any evidence with you? Did they understand your diagnosis?

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Years ago they would not look at any evidence or even want to know your diagnosis. I had to go to the job centre one month before SCT, when I could barely walk, and couldn’t keep water or food down. They were shocked that I had had to go. I didn’t take evidence, but your cousin còuld take it just in case. I think DWP are a bit more enlightened than 10 yrs ago