And so it goes on!

I received a call from my NHS ENT man yesterday tosay that the result of my right neck lymph nodes showed more growth, and will notify my Haematologist, who is on holiday for two weeks. I still await the neck and body Cat Scan results.

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Thanks for updating us @Vindicatrix more and more waiting and anxiety of not knowing what will happen.
Really look after yourself and please keep updating us and perhaps writing down all your questions, also be kind to yourself

Thanks Erica, I have typed out a very detailed list of questions for each of the four consultants involved in my ‘Saga’.

I am continuing to be ‘Politely Assertive’ whist waiting for my 2nd attempt at a Biopsy for my Inaccessible neck tumour.

During my 5 years of W&W I have tried to refrain from too much Dr Googling, and have often been advised against doing it, especially by Doctors.

However in view of my recent untreatable Tumour complications and the limited options available to me, I have attempted to do some reasonable and revealing research.

This shows me that it is never advisable to rely totally on your particular specialist, especially if he is new to you.

My research showed that I should not have tooth extractions during the various MRI and other Scans and tests which are being conducted in respect of my 'tumour. as they can give ‘False Positives’.

My new ENT consultant has access to all my recent relevant medical files, including a former complex tooth extraction i had four years ago under anesthetic.

So I was rather surprised that I was not informed of this before the Biopsies began, as I was scheduled last Thursday to have another tooth extraction taken out by my dentist

When I made my ENT man aware of this he told me to cancel the dental appointment. My concern is that if he had gone ahead with tests, after, me having the tooth extracted, and instead of a ‘False Positive’, it had been a ‘False Negative’, then I may have been in trouble.

This has made me more determined than ever to be ‘Politely Assertive’ and aware at each stage of this particular complex medical issue, and I intend to question every test and procedure done on me, in future.

I pass this information on in the hope that it may be of some interest and use, to some.

I hope you are all, having, one of our ‘Good Days’.

All the best. Ron

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