Been red flagged to see a haematologist

Thank you Erica, You have all been so supportive to me from the very early days which already seem like a lifetime ago - so much has happened since, so thank you! My PET scan revealed 5 bone lesions in total, 2 of which are on the sternum and the others on my right arm, left shoulder and skull. But none of those really gave me any trouble. I’m so grateful to have started treatment even though I know I’ve a long road ahead


Hey @Emma13,
I hope you are doing okay? My goodness what whirlwind you have been through these past few weeks. I’m so pleased you have been scooped up and are feeling some relief from your bone pain.
I can see the level of incredible support that so many have given you already and i just simply wanted to add that our support service team is very much here for you should you need any information or simply want to talks things through at any point- Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK.

Keep in touch with us all, Lauran


Oh Emma, you really have been through the mill.

I am so pleased you have a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

It sounds like your medical team are on the ball.

Sadly I am still waiting for an appointment. I spoke to the doctor and apparently she’s asked for the haematologist‘a opinion rather than refer me do I have to be referred. I just hope I haven’t slowed down the process.

I’m feeling better in myself but still have this dizziness which is concerning but I’m hoping it’s some kind of inner ear infection but no one seems to be taking it seriously.

Anyway, I wish you all the best and hope the treatment isn’t too awful. Good luck and please keep us informed.

Take care x


Oh @Amandabubble It really is waiting and not knowing isn’t it.
Look after yourself and keep posting

I am so impressed with how ‘together’ you are sounding I can see that the fear of the unknown was the worst thing for you and you sound so ready to work at this unexpected problem which has hijacked you.
Big love to you. Find your moments of peace and joy. You have the strength you need. Well done
Love GrandmaJo