Chemo and further treatment

Hi just about to start my first round of Chemo, worried about side effects as my wife has peripheral neuropathy pain which isn’t relieved with strong painkillers, and I dread going through the agony she suffers, I’m prepared for all the other side effects which I hope will be. minimal , also at 71years of age after the chemo will I be to old for stem cell transplants?
Sorry for the long winded post .

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Hi @Ontheup1 it is obviously a very worrying time for you, I think the unknown is, especially with you your wife experiencing so much pain.
Personally I think these are questions for your specialist nurse or consultant as they know your whole medical history and your treatment regime.
They need to know how you are feeling, your practicalities and your questions.
Your post was certainly not long winded and I really hope that you will continue to post how things are going for you.
Be very kind to yourselves, you are both going through a lot.

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Morning @Ontheup1
We all manage and experience the different treatments and side effects of treatment in our own ways. I’ve popped a link here to the website which explains some common treatments and side affects.

I understand completely about the peripheral neuropathy. It’s a horrible side effect, and I actually had some tingling in my hands during round 2 of chemo. Thankfully, my team were amazing , they reduced the dose of that particular medication. By round 3, the tingling had improved significantly.

Absolutely agree with @Erica about talking to your team! Don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns, no matter how small they may seem. They’re there to support you. My oncologist told me the same thing: tell her everything. They can see the whole picture and can adjust medications, prescribe additional ones to manage symptoms, and essentially become your champions throughout chemo (mine certainly were!). I did nine rounds of R-CHOP myself, and their support was invaluable.

Regarding your question about stem cells, taking things one step at a time was my approach. For me, getting through chemo first was the priority before even thinking about what came next. Focusing on the present moment really helped me stay positive. Worrying about the future just added stress, and that wasn’t helpful too me.

Stay strong! You’ve already conquered a major hurdle, and that strength will see you through.


If I remember you have myeloma?
Are you starting DVTD?

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Hi, sorry for late reply, families :joy: yes to both , my wife as I said is suffering with peripheral neuropathy pain , something which despite pain relief gives her issues , and I’ve been told it could happen on this treatment, something I’m not looking forward to !
This is just the start of my journey, day one hopefully through this site it will be helpful in moving forwards without to many downs
Thanks for reading