CLL and Covid

Well life is never dull is it ? My husband had a bit of a cold last weekend or so we thought. We kept out of the way of each other so I wouldn’t catch it Wednesday I decided to test him for Covid and it was positive ! By Thursday I was positive too. I have to say the process that followed was very smooth I
Contacted my haematology unit who referred me for a telephone assessment This happened really quickly I was asked a number of questions about my health as I have Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and asthma. I was eligible for anti viral medication and a doctor contacted me shortly afterwards. A few more questions and he sent a code to share with my pharmacy and the medication was there next morning. He also sent advice via texts about monitoring my sats and when to get help. Have to say my sats dropped to 92 a few times but I’m just about through it now. The worst thing is our new grandchild is being delivered by caesarean section tomorrow 3 weeks early due to gestational diabetes too much amniotic fluid and baby getting too big. It’s been a difficult pregnancy and I had contact with them both in the week so Im terrified that I may have unknowingly passed Covid on. We were meant to help out with older kids but I’m still faintly positive hopefully clear tomorrow. It’s just the worst possible time. Worked as a nurse right through Covid and until recently and I catch it now. Devastating. Thought it may be useful to share my experience for others as the anti virals are to help prevent serious illness in immuno compromised people


Hi @KayC as you say life is never dull is it.
I bet it was a shock when you both tested positive for Covid. After all this time I just expect to see that line in it’s usual place.
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and the procedure of getting the anti viral meds, you have helped me and I am sure it will others too.
What terrible timing for you all.
You say about working as a nurse right through Covid times and not catching it, but I think the strain is ever evolving and is certainly not going away any time soon. Therefore I take it as a timely warning to us all.
Lots of love to you and all the family and lovely to here from you, but pity pity about the circumstances. xx

My daughter in law tested positive for Covid today ! Devastated


@KayC I am presuming it is this daughter in law that is pregnant and I can understand your feelings so well, but you weren’t to know at that point when you saw them that you might have Covid.
Her medical team will be there for her.
Please do keep updating us how you all are.
Thinking of you all loads xx

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Hi yes my daughter in law. Baby arrived this morning and was rushed straight to intensive care to be ventilated. Nothing to do with Covid it doesn’t cross the placenta but babies of diabetic mothers are more prone to infection and breathing problems Such a worrying time. They also nicked a blood vessel during delivery so Amy lost a lot of blood and is being monitored. We don’t know the sex of baby yet their big brother and sister are going to be the first to know after school today It’s been an emotional roller coaster today

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Oh @KayC you must be completely exhausted emotionally with all that is going on, and you are probably not feeling great after Covid.
Mother and baby sound in the best place.
I always ask the mum how they are too, I see too many people take one look at the mum and say my pet hate ‘oh, you do look well’, when that is not actually what they are feeling emotionally and physically.
I bet big brother and sister are excited too.
Please do keep posting how you all are big and small.
Spoil yourselves.

Thank you we are wrecked. Will update when we get news

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