CLL and Covid

Sadly I have joined many others and tested positive for Covid this morning. I have been a bit conflicted in that I wanted to get it, to get it out of the way but the worry of how poorly it could make me has been enough to be careful. That changed this weekend I went to see a band indoors and this is where some kind soul inadvertently shared their virus with me.
Currently I feel a bit rubbish but nothing more than a bout of flu, achy, temperature, hot & cold and headaches.
The main point of my ramblings is I called haematology to let them know as instructed, I have been called back to go in for a retroviral infusion tomorrow (on my birthday).
Nothing really to report apart from the brilliant treatment I continue to receive from Dorset County Hospital and maybe let others know how quickly I am being cared for.
One final note, I have finished treatment and my blood levels are in the ‘normal’ hopefully this might help some of my fellow suffers.


Gosh @Billy1mate, beware of what you sort of wish for.
It seems so unfair when you had been so careful up to now and then just doing something enjoyable and ‘normal’ in life like seeing a band and you catch Covid.
What music do you like?
Feeling a bit rubbish is horrible with the symptoms you have, and I suspect really drags you down.
I am very impressed by your haematology response, just as it should be.
Not that you ever ramble but feel free to at any time.
Have a very happy birthday, although probably not the birthday you were hoping for, however you can celebrate when you feel you feel better, that is if you celebrate your birthday, I celebrate anything and everything.
Mind you something really worth celebrating is finishing treatment and that your blood levels are in the normal.
Look after yourself and please keep posting how you are doing.

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Hi @Billy1mate,
Thank you so much for taking the time whilst no doubt feeling somewhat rotten, to alert us all to the speedy care you will be receiving. I am so pleased to hear that your haematology team have been able to arrange an infusion for you so soon and i do hope it all goes smoothly.

Your feelings of ’ wanting to get it out the way ’ somewhat echo so many we hear from as it has been a tough anxiety provoking few years and whilst the current strains remain relatively kind to most it can be such a scary decision to open up your world. It can be such a sigh of relief for many in a strange way.
I hope your symptoms subside, you manage some birthday cake & improve really soon. Please do keep us posted.

Take Care, Lauran


Hi All, day 8 and still testing positive, the antibody treatment I received has left me feeling not too bad, far better than my wife who is 1 day behind me. She has been feeling really unwell, much worse than me but on day 8 for me, 7 for her, I still have a really dark positive line whereas hers is a feint line. I’ve had the same symptoms all through, headaches, coughing, hot sweats, sneezing but they have eased today.

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Oh @Billy1mate I have been thinking of you and actually had just come on here to contact you.
This Covid can be nasty for so many people for different lengths of time.
I am glad that the antibody treatment helped you a bit.
You and your wife look after and be kind to yourselves, those symptoms can feel never-ending and exhausting.
Please let us know how you get on

Hi @Billy1mate how are you and your wife doing now?
Be kind to yourselves

Sorry for my tardy response Erica, we are both ok. My wife tested +ve for 8 days and me for 10 days. We both still have a cough that takes the breath away when it catches & both a bit snorky but otherwise back to normal. The antibody treatment I received made a big difference. Jab no.5 booked for next week.

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Look after yourselves @Billy1mate the after effects of covid can be nasty and long lasting.
Look after yourselves and take care

@erica, thank you. Jab no.5, sore arm and a headache for 2 days but nothing as bad as no.4.

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