Covid-19 and the impact on treatment plans

Hi everyone,

Su here :wave: We hope you are all well and keeping safe,

We have had people reach out to us concerned about the possible impact on covid-19 on their treatment plans, it’s very natural to be worried. So we thought we’d create a new topic as a space for you all to share your thoughts about this and ask any questions you may have.

How are we all feeing?

Lots of warm wishes from the Blood Cancer UK support team :hearts:

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Hi Su, a really needed post in these times of uncertainty. I have a consultant appointment booked in the first week of May and I am supposed to get specific blood tests taken for Haematology and Rheumatology departments next week and I have not heard anything yet. I hate not knowing, so I will ring the hospital next week and report back.

@Erica Hi Erica! very good idea to check in with them :+1: As you say, often the uncertainty and the lack of control that can come with it can be so difficult. Have you had a lot of contact with your consultant during this time at all, have they been able to support you?

Everyone else, you are very welcome to share your experiences, as always, however much you feel comfortable with

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Hi Su, Hospital wise I had a telephone consultation with a Dermatology Consultant and she sent a prescription through to a well known local chemist, so that worked well. I have to say my GP surgery have been brilliant and have rung a couple of times to see how I am and if there was anything else I needed.
Yesterday I had a surreal experience the outer flat doorbell rang and my husband dealt with it and 2 burly guys turned up completely covered in fluorescent, heavy duty protective suits with hoods, gloves and masks on etc. They showed their id’s and said they needed to see me and insisted even though my husband said I was isolating. Anyway they stood 6 ft away and said they had been sent by our local council. They said they had not been able to get hold of me on the phone and were checking if I was OK and needed anything. Well, I haven’t left the flat in over a month. They asked me a series of questions like had I got enough medications for 12 weeks, which I hadn’t as I get my prescriptions monthly. Could I get my prescriptions?, Did I need a food parcel? etc. and the answers went into their ipads. They seemed satisfied and off they went, I was left feeling quite shaken.

@Erica Erica, that’s so encouraging to hear how supportive your GP surgery has been, checking in with you. I hope you’re okay after yesterday? I’m so sorry to hear you felt really shaken after yesterday, that must have been a big shock for you! how are you feeling now?

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