Covid Toes

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Has anyone experienced Covid Toes(chill baines), extremely painful and can become infected
What is the best remedy ?

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No personal experience but sister has chilblains. I know she’s very conscious of her maintaining good foot circulation and careful over getting cold and slow low heat warming.

She has Sudofed antiseptic cream and something cooling to relieve any itch. Her GP has prescribed Corticosteroid cream but with limited use. She has cycles of inflammation.

Remedy or cure I don’t know. Whats its cause? Covid?? Circulation or immune system?

Hope you find relief


Thanks for your reply @Iain

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That sounds horrible! Does anything ease the pain?

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Sorry can’t help not something I’ve heard of. It seems it was common in the peak of the pandemic but less so now. Hope it improves.


I have numb toes @anon06 but that is from recurring shingles since 2013 due to the stress of moving home.
Your symptoms sound really horrible though, what has your GP said?
Be kind to yourself.

Hi @anon06,
Hope you’re doing okay?
I can honestly say i have not heard of anything similar associated to covid but certainly what you mentioned may be connected to poor circulation.
Have you suffered for this for some time now?

If you haven’t already please do contact your GP for advice as they can best advice for best pain relief and do more investigations if needed.

Best Wishes, Lauran


Thanks It was on behalf of someone,