Do you have a question for our panel? Ask the Experts: Effective Communication with your Treatment Team

Ask the Experts: Effective Communication with your Treatment Team

13th October

Join clinical trials nurse advisor Helen McNaught, clinical nurse specialist Gill Brisley, and members of the blood cancer community, as they share advice and answer your questions on how to communicate effectively with your treatment team.

Click the link below to sign up for this Ask the Experts session. You can submit questions when you register, but you can also submit questions on this thread and they will be given to the panel.
Please note that this Q&A will be recorded, so you’ll still be able to watch it if you can’t watch it live.

Hi all, just a reminder that this Q&A is today! Does anyone have any questions for the panel?

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I’ve signed up but not had/recieved any login details… am I being impatient?


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Hi @Rammie18, thank you for registering! Our system has been set up to send out the link a few times per day (to catch any newly registered people), and the next scheduled email should be sent out soon. If you haven’t received an email by 5:15pm, please contact us, and we’ll make sure to send the details through to you directly!


Brill thanks again @Alice_BloodCancerUK

I actually signed up a few weeks ago and posted through some questions but I’ve had nothing back.

Signed up again today earlier this afternoon just in case… but I’ll wait to see if anything pops up in my email inbox

Thanks again

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Actually was lying… signed up on 9th Oct :frowning: felt like weeks ago though…


People who signed up between now and last Thursday should get an email with the details very soon :slight_smile:


Brilliant panic over… details recieved…


Though very fashionable… Don’t like being late to the party. :slight_smile:


As a newbie… this was really helpful.

Thank you for running it and all those who spoke…


What advice would you give to people who are having treatment for Blood Cancer and get offered the Covid Vaccine, potentially could the vaccine Pfizer counteract with any Blood Cancer Treatment? Also same question in relation to Astra Zenica and other vaccines?