ET and Exercise

Hi all, 68 yo male with recent ET diagnosis and have been on HC for just 10 days so far. My ET was picked up from high platelets in a routine test on a blood donation, I had no noticeable symptoms. I’ve always been a fit, active and healthy person and I’d like to continue be fit and active and I’ve been wondering if there’s anyone on here who can give me their experience on exercising and sport with ET and while taking HC.
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Hi @Matt_H welcome, I am struck by your picture, is that how you feel?
Perhaps the exercise question is best asked of your medical team.
Personally, and not medically, I have another blood cancer and I am not on treatment but I am a great one for fresh air and appropriate exercise because I feel the fitter I am the better I can deal with anything medical.
I was diagnosed 19yrs ago and I am fitter now, at 73 yrs old, than I have ever been in my life, I am a very lucky girl, I am now a walker and I go out in the mornings and feel it sets me up for the day mentally and physically. Initially I could hardly put one foot in front of the other.
I stress this is a very personal reply and your situation is very different.
I hope others can help you with their experiences.
Look after yourself and pace yourself and I look forward to hearing more about you


Hi @Matt_H like @Erica says I too have a different blood cancer. Exercise is undoubtedly good for us and Erica and I share a passion for yoga and Pilates. I think with any exercise the choice is individual as to what we all like to do and it is also important to ensure you ask medical advice to be sure you keep within your own limits.
There is some great information here:

What ever you choose enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank you Jules for your experience and useful links. Consultant is happy for me to carry on with my pre-season training unless I encounter any problems. I’m hoping that others see this thread and chip in with their experience on exercise with ET & HC.