There were a couple of people on here that had Evusheld privately.

How have you found Evusheld has it stopped you getting Covid

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Hi @2DB I have not heard anything about Evusheld for a while now.
I also wonder how it works with the new variants?
I await others experiences.

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Hi @2DB My husband had Evesheld privately last November I must admit it made us feel a lot safer last winter protection lasts about 6 months. But by the time May came around the new variants had become resistant to Evesheld.
But I guess it’s not just Covid to worry about this time of year, there are other viruses freely available.
We have not caught Covid we still mask in shops and are careful where we go.
There is a trial for Evesheld 2 which is looking promising for early next year. There is a lot of information on the forgotten lives uk facebook page.
Stay safe