Facebook live TONIGHT - discussing late diagnosis of blood cancer

Channel: Bloodwise Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bloodwise.uk/

Date: 26/06/2019

Time: 19:00—19:30

Appearing: Gemma Peters (CEO, Bloodwise), Phil (Policy Manager, Bloodwise), Kat Tsang Orr (Bloodwise Ambassador)

Key messages:

  • We’re shining a light on late diagnosis of blood cancer
  • We know this is a common story for many people with blood cancer
  • 30% of people have to see their GP three or more times we think this is too many people
  • However, we know that GPs and other health professionals have a challenge in separating vague blood cancer symptoms from other things
  • We want to hear from you, our community, what’s your experience with diagnosis?
  • Your stories will help us make change! Your experience will be put in front of decision makers. You will help shape this campaign work and future campaigning we do

Join in this evening, share your experience, and help us shine a light on people’s experiences of blood cancer diagnosis.


Thanks Dawn, this is definitely a must watch, especially as early diagnosis is so key.

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Hello everyone, I’ve just watched a recording of the Facebook live discussion and anyone who has read my ramblings on late diagnosis on the forum will know that it confirms my own experiences and that of my fellow patients at my haematology clinic. It demonstrates that there is still much work to be done in raising awareness with the public and the medical profession. With solid tumour cancers dominating the narrative around cancer amongst the main stream media I appreciate it’s difficult to get the public profile we need but it’s my belief that the more outward facing awareness raising that can be done will make a difference in the long term. Alzheimer’s disease and prostrate cancer have succeeded in recent years in raising their profile after many years of disinterest so I think with the right approach blood cancer can do the same. I would like to praise Bloodwise for all the efforts they are making towards this goal and as patients we can do our bit by raising awareness with friends family and work colleagues. I found this very informative news story today highlighting myeloma but sadly it is in a publication which has a very limited readership, if you could get this into the main stream media it could have a big impact.

Best wishes alfie.


Thank you for this Alfie.

If anyone missed the live, it will be on our Facebook page for you to view when you want! https://www.facebook.com/bloodwise.uk/videos/2357242447930666/

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