Firstline in CLL: Venetoclax plus Obinituzimab to be approved in the UK soon!

In very exciting news issued a few days ago first line Venetoclax plus Obinituzimab has been recommended by the CHNP to be approved by the EMA.

There is one more step but it is basically unheard of for the decisions of the CHMP not to be enacted.

This will mean that the drug combo will very soon be licensed across Europe (and due to the Brexit transition period even in the UK too!)

This is great news. But the real battle starts now to get funding approved by NICE and similar bodies in other countries to allow this as an alternative to FCR for patients who’ve never been treated for CLL.

Note that Venetoclax plus sister compound Rituximab is already licensed for second line use for everyone With CLL and is funded by NICE.

I hope to hear from Bloodwise soon how we can help influence NICE.


Hi Adrian, gosh, you certainly are in the know. Interesting good news about the licensing.Thanks so much for keeping us all updated and look after yourself as well.