Follicular lymphoma

Recently diagnosed with FL and been put on watch and wait,trying to stay positive with the support of my amazing wife and family.No symptoms other than swollen lymphs


Hi @Jlo a great big welcome to our forum I am so glad that you have found us.
I am so glad you have the support of your amazing wife, it really does help, and it also affects both of you emotionally and practically.
How are you both doing?
The Blood Cancer UK support line is also there for you on 0808 2080 888
I also copy you some information on watch and wait (active monitoring)
Follicular lymphoma - what is it, symptoms and treatment | Blood Cancer UK
Active monitoring (watch and wait) | Blood Cancer UK
Perhaps write down all your fears and questions for your next appointment while you have time.
Just be kind to yourselves, I expect you have a had a shock.
Please do keep posting how you are getting on, my experience is that it does not matter which condition we have many of us share the same thoughts and emotions and practicalities.