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Yes it just gets better and BETO
Yea we will the League now :joy:

Of course Spurs come under fire again, we love watching them BUT

My tip for the title is Villa unless it’s Everton :joy:
@Rammie18 you must be in dreamland
I’m sure @Iain will confirm shocks can happen

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With everything the club has been through, most villa fans will always be humble but there is no denying it’s fantastic to see

Also great win for Everton and thoroughly deserved

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He’s a quality manager, THINK BIG, top 5 bare minimum.

Liverpool Potentials
Hate to say this, but out of the usual suspects, there is only Liverpool that are consistently performing and like all past Champions they don’t know when they are beat & top the League on points won from loosing positions.

As an Everton fan Im baffeled how we lost to Man U considering their 3-0 defeat to Bournemouth?!
Of course I was delighted with the 2-0 drubbing of Chelsea at home, after an iffy first half I was beginning to think Everton had an inferiority complex against “Top6 Teams”, with 3 victories in a row they appear to have turned a corner.

My thoughts in general
1 2 3 Arsenal City & Liverpool, in what order I don’t know. Spurs are probably the neutrals favourite for 4th, but you never know what can happen as Iain would confirm re Leicester 2016. I think the manager of Villa now is better than Leicester in 2016, put it that way, not much in it, but Villa boss is better.

@Wullysamba @Iain @Erica
Any thoughts

1,2 and 3 id probably agree with you.
I imagine spurs squad will fall apart with injuries due to the constant press and attack but even if not I think 4th or 5th would be a good finish for them.

Any opinions on Eddie Howe getting the boot from Newcastle ?

That would be ridiculous to sack him & I presume your post was “tounge and cheek” making fun of chairmen who are sack happy.

He has worked a miracle taking them from hovering around and being in relegation zone to Champions League Football.
Its a brath of fresh air since Steve Bruce,!
Money has had a big impact, but he’s still had to guide and blend them.

Re Spurs of course even 5th would be a good finish for them, their frailty is defence, they should go for a no-nonsense cent back eg Harry McGuire. Fernandez would be fantastic for them as well
Also has anyone worked out the new Champions League qualification rules

It was tongue in cheek but I’ve had a few conversations about it and with the right hat on I could make a case for him being let go.
I’ll let you decide what you think that hat looks like though . . .

In more important football news

That’s excellent, good to see your team.progressing in Europe

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@Wullysamba Also can you remember Gary Stevens & Trevor Steven who came from Everton, what did you think?

Im too young for Gary Stevens and I can only remember Trevor Stevens being around when he signed the second time. He didn’t get much playing time with Gazza being there so my memories from both come from the season highlight VHS.
There’s a highlight video on YouTube titled tricky trev that highlights him well

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@Wullysamba @Rammie18 @Iain
Currently watching Match of the day, scratching my head in disbelief as to why City sold Palmer?
We know they have a fantastic squad, but watching Palmer for Chelsea and City :thinking:

Don’t think he wanted to play pep roulette. Philips is pretty much done and the euros in 2024, palmers got a better chance now from moving. Also his wages have quadrupled and living in london

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Another great win for Villa @Rammie18
Arsenal regain top spot
Liverpool miss an opportunity to capitalise with a home fixture against Arsenal looming, Utd did park a bus, could Liverpool have done anymore though?
Thoughts everyone?
Ill stick to my predictions, unless Everton causea shock :joy:
@Wullysamba @MazB @Erica

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Sorry everyone for hogging the board
I had to get this off my chest
In 1990 Chris Waddle waddle was lampooned for missing a penalty in a semi final as I’m sure @Iain & @Wullysamba fondly recall
He did know how to strike a ball though ie run up “wack”, ok it went to Mars, but it was a proper strike!

Last night up stepped Onana for Everton who tried to divert the keeper in his run up and thought he could pass the ball into the net?:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:
Did anyone see it? They can all miss them, but the approach was pathetic! He would of stood a better chance of scoring with his eyes closed @Rammie18 @Erica

Those pens are becoming more and more the norm… look great when you score but a total Buffoon when you.

Though it pains me to mention his name but David Unsworth took a belter of a pen.

Come to think of it since Leighton baines Everton always had a decent pen taker

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Yes unsworth mate, can imagine how you feel but he was always a blue, not very nice if ur a Villa fan. I forget the circumstances exactly, but I think his previous club did not want to sell him to Everton so he joined Villa as a “stepping stone” to Everton or was it a secret deal between Everton & Villa chairmen? Not very nice at all for the fans. It can happen, perhaps a team won’t sell to a rival, but the player goes to another club only to be sold to the rival club.

Im not a fan of “hop skip jump styles” for penalties but that was just bizarre,:thinking::confounded::thinking:

Even when it works I think it looks awful. Seems an easy way to put pressure on yourself as a penalty taker just knowing the backlash that comes if it goes wrong.

Goalkeepers seem to be using their own fakes and feints now as well so hopefully a few more are saved and we can get back to real penalties being taken.

All of that said, a proper run up only to end in a panenka does warm my heart

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That at least involves a proper run up and although a gamble has clear direction. Im waiting for a run starting from outside the penalty area involving a choreographed dance routine from strictly before the ball is struck the way things are going… then even if its a miss Craig, Shirley, Anton & Otsi with paddles behind the goal with numbers 1-10!:thinking::roll_eyes::rage::confounded::joy:
@Iain @Erica have you any thoughts on "Charleston dance " esque penalties?
@Rammie18 Are you disappointed with a 1-1 draw or still in dreamland with a place in top4? 2nd infact!
European Super League
So then are we all excited about the Super League clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid :joy:

I welcome the Super League. Add Unlimited salary, no drug testing and perhaps cheerleaders?

In all honesty I find the “money ruins football” stuff laughable, particularly from fans and pundits of clubs who have massively benefitted from the money “ruining” things.

I also think if we follow the money it won’t be a European super league for long.

I appreciate your comments are 90% tounge and cheek , no pun intended, with regard to cheerleaders :joy:
In truth Rangers & Celtic need to be in a more competitive League so I can understand the attraction of a European Super League to them.
It may not be a European Super League, as a concept such as this may look at America, China, Australia and Saudi Arabia for teams to join. Personally I don’t like the idea.

Also on the subject of Scottish teams could you see Celtic and Rangers joining Premiership. If The Old Firm mooved South would they start in the championship rarther than gaining instant promotion to England’s top division. Regarding Europe, would they sacrifice their Scottish status or would they play off against the Scottish Champions for a place in Europe?
@Iain I would welcome your thoughts as well
@Erica Arsenal play some fantastic football, but they cannot literally pass the ball into the net. They need to be clinical and remember crossing into the box is allowed. I wish my team was second as I’m sure a lot of fans only dream about being in Arsenals position
but Arsenal want top spot.

A fortunate win against Everton and a 4-2 defeat to Brighton in addition to recent inconsistency, do we conclude the Spurs fantasy (10 men up front saga) is now facing the stark reality of a below top4 finish without a trophy? @Wullysamba