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Happy New year EVERYONE

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Sorry to hog the board again, but I could not resist.
I was just thinking Rooney & Lampard for the Liverpool job :joy::yum::joy::grin::joy::rofl:
@Wullysamba @Rammie18 @Erica

I’d question sanity, alcohol and drug testing on that popping into thought.

Though as an outsider… it would be hilarious but below zero chance it happening :slight_smile:

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Ha ha ha, pity really. Agent Wayne & Agent Frank​:joy::joy:

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I would love to see it just for the fan meltdown :joy:


Well they sent Agent Raffa to Everton

I await the Kop candlelit vigil.

Xavi alonso would probably make the fans happy but I’d like to see a failure take charge. Make the league interesting


Yes Roy Hogeson may be available :joy:

Any opinions on Neil Warnock to Aberdeen?

It has brightened my morning as I thought Neil Lennon was going to darken the league again

Hes a character, but I don’t think the old firm stronghold will change. Obviously he didn’t want the Celtic job.

@Wullysamba any thoughts on The Old firm potentially mooving south and how European Qualification will be agreed?

I can’t see it happening unless there are some real changes with a European League opening a chance for a British league.
Even then, the English pyramid is stable enough and I don’t think anybody outside of Scotland wants to watch Scottish football. I struggle myself some weeks :joy:
What do you think? Any interest in an away day to Inverness ?

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I take your point, you need the competition desperately especially to be more consistent in Europe. Rangers or Celtic reserves would win that League. Aberdeen were the only team to brake the mould, a long time ago, who were managed by Alex Ferguson!

Btw well done Arsenal @Erica
Perhaps someone could put Liverpool’s mistakes to the Benny Hill tune​:joy::rofl::blush::wink::rofl::joy::grin::joy::rofl::joy::grin::joy::rofl:

Hard luck @Rammie18 your team deserved more

If there is ever a bogey team… united is ours!

Everton looking good as well. Seems to be a good time to be wearing blue

Ive been away for a while due to new ph’ne problems and personal stress. Now I’m back
Coventry to win fa cup? 33/1 last time I looked.
@Rammie18 @Erica @Iain @Wullysamba

Great story but I think their journey ends in the semis…

Red side of Manchester would implode if they lose

Hope all is well with you.
Must admit the Foxes run to quarters in cup was a lift. But also a distraction?

My thoughts are in the great challenge of the Champs and getting back on track to the Prem. Leeds are in form as Foxes were in the start but it is also giving the other 4 top sides a chance to go up directly.

As for the ‘Fair Play’ inquisition that the ‘holy than thou’ are running will if they carry on hitting all the teams in the lower half of the Premier League they will give the fans what they don’t want - a Super League of half a dozen 'apparently untouchable ’ money clearing and money laundering (?) International tax dodgers - “,You can’t punish me, I’m losing millions in this part of my Multi Billion #” Oil business :wink:. And " I can’t afford to financially support the lower leagues."

Keep your spirits up and as for Coventry they’re a Midland Club so got to be better than the smug Londoners! :smirk:

In reply to everyone thanks for asking after me. Re:Coventry Ill admit Manchester and London are the more likely destinations of the, but turn back the clock to 1987 & 1988, so only £2 @ 33/1 gets a profit of £66!

FFP is a contradiction, what is fair about allowing some teams to spend more than others. Teams 10th & above make and have always more money than those below them, there. Now we have a law that effectively says you can only spend what you earn. Are the powers that be forgetting this is a competitive Sport. Remember Blackburn in 1995, what was wrong with what Jack Walker achieved. If for example a billionaire took over a middle of the table team, he couldn’t make that much difference.
Alonso said he’s staying put, effectively telling Liverpool to “shuv it”, "agent Rooney " has made no comment :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
@Wullysamba @Rammie18 @Iain