Here I Go Again

Good news tonight. Been selected as a Spectator Services Team Leader for the MLB London Series at the London Stadium. Also waiting to see If I have been selected to volunteer at the Champions League Final which is at Wembley this year.

Also, another chest infection so back on antibiotics. This doctor was better as the first one to say that thanks to the 2 bouts of Pneumonia, my left lung is damaged. Hopefully when I move back to Glasgow, I can get my asthma care transferred quickly to the QEUH in Glasgow to see what they can do with the lungs.

Anyhow, have a great week everyone


That sounds amazing buddy… I saw the mlb last year and it was great… and the champions league final… fingers crossed for you!

Sorry to hear of your health set backs…

Stay strong fella!

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Thanks pal, I’ve had this illness for 2 years now. Wont let it stop me doing something I love. I worked at the MLB last year but based near to Stratford Station.


Oh @Jbeaver12 I can really feel how elated you are, exciting news.
Sorry to hear about your chest infection and that you are back on antibiotics.
Glad to hear the move is still on for Glasgow.
Thanks so much for updating us and please do continue to do so.
Look after yoursewlf