Volunteering Update

Hi there, Even with TLGL, I am still trying to Volunteer as much as I can. Recently I have started volunteering for a charity called FoodCycle who specialise in making meals using surplus foods from Supermarkets. Last week, I was in a Team of 3 and we had to plan, prepare and execute a meal for up to 50 people. I was knackered after that.

Hope there are not too many football fans here. My next volunteering is at the FA Cup Final where I am doing some Team Leader training for the following event which is the Champions League Final where again I am a Team Leader. After that, its back to the Olympic Stadium to be a Team Leader at the MLB Baseball Series.

Even suffering from a Chronic Illness, I am trying to show people that volunteering can help you as well. Just getting out of the house for a bit helps me a lot mentally.

Anyhow, have a great week. Love you all . Joe xx


Wow, @Jbeaver12 all your volunteering sounds so varied and worthwhile.
I hope you get the same opportunities when you move
Enjoy and thanks for all you do.

I will have the same opportunities. I was an Volunteer Ambassador with Glasgow City Council and helped promote volunteering. Ive warned the Volunteer Manager that I am coming back to haunt them soon.

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Hi @Jbeaver12 Glasgow City Council will be very lucky to have you back!!!