London Marathon

Just wanted to offer my congratulations to thise who ran for Blood Cancer UK. Well done all


Thanks @DougyW, yes, I really admire everyone, but especially those who ran for Blood Cancer UK

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I came on here to say the same thing. The charity I work for had our cheerpoint next to one of the Blood Cancer UK ones, so I got to have a chat with their challenges coordinator Natalie, which was lovely. I’ve entered the ballot to run next year and if I get a place I’ll be doing it for Blood Cancer UK.

Being next to their cheerpoint also meant I got to cheer all the BCUK runners…even though they didn’t know why I was cheering for them.


Hi @Ilona what a coincidence that you should be next to the Blood Cancer UK cheer point yesterday.
I great big thank you in advance for entering the ballot to run next year.
Have a talk to the Blood Cancer UK Support Services for any help you might want for training or fundraising on 0808 2080 888 .
Take lots of care

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Hi there,

As you all know, I do like my volunteering. Today was no different with a stint at the London Marathon. I was based just across from Horse Guards Parade helping the athletes with directions to the local stations and where to meet their relatives. One lady from Morocco had completed the race but her phone had run out of charge. I always carry a back up charger in my backpack so offered it to her to use, This she was grateful for. The phone was not charging very much so she asked me how to get to her hotel which in fact was within walking distance but she was unsure. I went to the map. I can also converse slightly in French which confused her as she asked ’ You speak French as well’ I said only a liitle bit. Anyhow, I noticed that she had a ‘Leukemia Care’ t-shirt. She said that she was raising funds. I said to her that I suffered from Leukemia. We did speak about my condition. She did not say what her connection was to Leukemia and I certainly did not want to ask. What struck me was what she said at the end. ‘That someone from above, despite my illness wants me to volunteer and help people’ That comment was so nice. Ive been volunteering for 33 years now and despite illness, I want to show people that no matter what, everyone can volunteer, we all have something to offer. Have a great week everyone.


Oh, what a lovely photo @Jbeaver12 and you certainly pop up volunteering everywhere.
What a coincidence of the connection with blood cancer with all those people there yesterday.
A great big thank you from me.
Look after yourself