Competing in Blood Cancer UK events

Have you taken part in any Blood Cancer UK fundraising events? What would you like to tackle?

Or, have you completed a challenge you want to share with us?

I took part in the Great Birmingham 10K on May 6th this year and even though it’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever done I’m so happy I managed to complete it to raise money for Bloodwise.

I can’t believe around 3 years ago I was in the middle of having drugs pumped into me through a central line in my chest because my cancer had come back, I didn’t know how I would react to the drugs but they ultimately saved my life. While I was lying in hospital I dreamt about running a 10k to give something back to one of the charities that helped me through my treatment and continue to do so today and I’m honestly so happy I decided to sign up and run.


If you are thinking about competing in an event DO IT because you won’t regret it. I can’t wait to run the Great Birmingham 10K next year! You can read all about my experience on my blog HERE.


I have completed several fundraising walks for Bloodwise, the scenery has always been great and I have met lovely people I would probably never have met otherwise. A lot of the walks were the Sir Ian (Beefy) Botham walks which were extra fun with him and fellow cricketers taking part as well. I have also taken part of a couple of yoga events and one was on a field by the Thames. It was freezing cold, windy and wet but we did not care, we just wore more Bloodwise tee shirts.
However I do not feel I am a fundraiser and I prefer to spread the word by wearing my Bloodwise tee shirts nearly everywhere, I am a walking advert and talking point.



Thank you for sharing your experience with us and the Bloodwise team are honoured to have you running in our name.

Could you offer some suggestions for our members who are considering there first 10k?

Hello @Erica,

I was wondering if you could offer any advice for members who wanted to try yoga?

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Hi Josh, I think my advice to anyone who do not want to run or walk is to try yoga, although I am a pilates girl myself, would be is to find a beginners class that you can try out, recommendations from friends is best, and just try the class out. Remember the aim is to do your personal best, don’t compare yourself with others and go to the class because you want to not because you feel you have to. Very few people can do everything and we are all built very differently. Enjoy.

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Thank you for the advice. Have you considered doing a Pilates class fundraiser?

Did the London Marathon this year for Bloodwise - such an honour to run to show my hubby and son that I’d do anything to keep them together. We raised so much money as this was a way for friends and family to do something practical in a situation where they feel able to do very little - I knew this would be the case. We’ve raised over £25k since my hubby was diagnosed two yrs ago


Jude, raising ÂŁ25k in two years is some feat and respect for completing the London Marathon.

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I rode the Prudential Ride London raising funds for Bloodwise this year, on the 1st Anniversary of being in hospital undergoing treatment.

I blogged about it here…

I really enjoyed the Bloodwise hospitality after the event and my parents and supporters really enjoyed spending time at mile 99 with the Bloodwise team supporting the riders as they went through.

I will continue to wear my bloodwise gear on rides (I did so on Saturday at the Cambridgeshire Steeple Chase organised by UK Cycling events). Anything to raise awareness.




Hello @dmquinlan

Thank you for sharing your blog with us. It was very powerful and moving. Do you have any recommendations for some people in the community that are considering cycling?

Hi @dmquinlan , gosh you have done brilliantly with your cycle riding, thanks so much you have really helped Bloodwise raise awareness, I think your tee shirt is the best advertisement there is, take lots of care.

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Hi, you have done absolutely brilliantly completing the Birmingham 10K and you look great and prove dreams can come true, take care.


Hi Joshua,
I was cyclist / runner before my illness… it was when training that I first really started to notice my symptoms. It’s easy get into cycling. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a bike, mine was end of line sale (previous years model) when I bought it, under £400 (I bought it a year before I was ill).

If you’ve not cycled on roads for a while, it takes a bit of getting used to. I could go off on a cyclist versus motorist tangent here but I won’t, there is enough on that elsewhere on the internet. My advice is observe the highway code and courteous to other road users (and hope it will be reciprocated…).

If you are planning to do a long ride obviously you need to do some training, so planning is important, giving yourself enough time to have built up the fitness and stamina prior to the event. There are many online resources such as cycling weekly where there is a lot more information than I can provide.

Be sure you have clearance from your doctor / consultant, rather than take “Dave from the internet’s” advice. Cycling is great for fitness, stamina and is quite therapeutic, clears the mind (obviously don’t relax to much, pay attention on the road!).

I think cycling makes you a better driver as you have to be more observant on the road (I can just imagine the flames I would get for making a comment like that on a cyclist versus motorist thread… :slight_smile: ). Also, if you are not keen on the road, there are bikes for all terrains.


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Hi @JoshuaBloodwise Thank you so much! I would say just start off slowly so just go for a couple of runs to see how your feel then just keep building up. I did decide to have a time in mind so that gave me motivation! I went for a run once a week and went to the gym as well so that definitely helped. When I went for my run I would see if I could run for longer than the one before and that built my endurance up! Oh and have a running partner if possible :slight_smile: If anyone is considering running a 10K and would like some advice feel free to reply to this message :muscle:

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@Erica Awh, that means a lot! Thank you so much :two_hearts:

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Was due to ride London to Paris next month however I managed to crash on my bike in early June,suffered a hairline fracture to my upper humerus and have been off the bike since,sort of fit enough now to start training again but too soon for this years event


Hi @James, gosh that crash sounds nasty and let alone the hairline fracture I would have thought it would really shake you up. Glad you have joined the site, there are a lot of varied topics on it and keep posting and letting us know how you are getting on.

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Oh no… thats a shame, had you done lots of training? My husband has done the Ride London a few times and would love to do the London to Paris but we’d need to save up some money first! Welcome to the forum

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So sorry to hear of your crash and injury @James - I hope you’re doing okay!

It’s an impressive event to take on - have you done many cycling events before?

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Is anyone tackling any Bloodwise events later this year?

There are still places for the Great South Run left…!

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