London Marathon - #ImRunningFor

Have you seen the wonderful stories being shared across social media this week, of why people are running the London Marathon this weekend?

Here is Emma’s story & why she is running - for her childhood best friend, Lucy.

If you want to see more stories, they’re on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram on the hashtag #ImRunningFor :smiley:


What a great idea to share these inspiring, humbling stories which really make it all so much more real. Thank you so, so much to everyone for caring enough to train so hard and fundraise for Bloodwise, it is so appreciated, and I will be cheering you all on Sunday. I would really urge everyone to read the stories.

It has been a great idea posting different stories every few days, raising awareness of why people get involved with Bloodwise. Good luck to everyone taking part.

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Hope Merritt, one of our BRILLIANT London Marathon runners shared her story prior to the landmark event. I thought I’d share here for anyone who hadn’t seen it.

It was featured in the Daily Mirror too!