Hospital Life - What gets you through

Yes Louise I found I couldn’t watch certain types of programmes for a good while after, it had to be something light hearted. I am back to loving a gritty drama now but I still haven’t watched ‘miss you already’ yet. My concentration was rubbish too during treatment and for a while after.
Chatting to the other patients was a welcome thing and we did laugh sometimes, especially when one time there was this really difficult one who used to shout at her husband… even the nurses used to give us secret looks!!


Oh Gosh Anna, shouty frighty lady alert. The morning after my first night in hospital there was an older woman who was always in full make up, and i woke to her shouting at her husband that he never supported her and she didn’t want to see him again. Then I started to worry about what my diagnosis would mean to my marriage. Took my mind off being told that I had blood cancer though. LOL!


Hello @R-designer,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with AML with the forum and mentioning things you enjoy. It sounds as though you have done some remarkable things since you were diagnosed with AML. The thought of painting just sounds incredible and picking up a second language is truly inspiring.

Although everyone will have different skills and interests, it feels like a really good way of taking your mind off things. I am particularly interested about how writing a short diary helped you understand your emotions, as people often say writing things down can be beneficial. Could you explain more about how this made you feel? Would you recommend this to other people?

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Haha how funny… it did make us laugh but at the same time she dominated the ward so much that we all sat there giving each other secret looks! I really admired the nurses because they remained professional even when she asked them to tell him to get lost!!


Ive achieved more since diagnosis than the rest of my life,its like ive got different glasses on.


I agree, so have I, and I know myself so much better now, emotionally, practically and physically. I think I also clean all my glasses now and I have thrown out my rose tinted specs !!!


Some brilliant tips and stories here, thank you for this thread @AnnaMam - I wanted to give it a little bump in case anyone has a hospital stay upcoming and would like some tips/advice, or to see if any new members have an experience or advice to share.

Hospitals always seem so hot whenever I’ve been there, I’d advise light layers so you can keep yourself comfortable!

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Hi Dawn and @AnnaMam, I am a girl for comfort and the layers and mix and match. Who cares what I look like !!!

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