Long hospital stay

Hi, my husband was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in February and has been in hospital since then. He has had failed chemotherapy and infection after infection. Four months is a very long time! He has coped so well up until now. I fear for his mental wellbeing. Four times he has been told a weekend at home is likely and each time a spike in temperature has stopped that happening. I think he feels he will never come home again. It breaks my heart.


Oh @Gilly it must be a really tough time for both of you and unfortunately it is an emotional rollercoaster and infections and spikes in temperature always seem to rear their heads at the wrong times.
Four months must seem a really long time for both of you.
I hope others on here will share their experiences of the up’s and down’s.
I think it might be natural for both of you to feel he might never come home.
It must break your heart to see him and being powerless to help or cure him.
It sounds as if his medical team are on his case.
Perhaps you and your husband might talk to his medical team about your feelings.
In the meantime perhaps it would be a good time for you to really look after yourself and top up your batteries, you must be exhausted
The Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you on 0808 2080 888.
Please do keep posting and sending you lovexx

Dear @Gilly,
I am so sorry to read this, what a difficult time you are having. I can imagine it is devastating seeing your husband like this and you must be exhausted.
Are you able to talk to the team about this? Perhaps you may be able to take him off the ward for some little breaks if he is well enough. Sometimes just getting some fresh air can make all the difference. Maintaining good mental health is so important.
It can feel like hospital stays are never ending, especially when he has been there for such a long time but keep the hope that he will be home with you soon.
Do get some rest and do something nice for you, your mental heath needs protecting also.
Please call us on the support line if you would like to talk. 0808 2080 888.
Best Wishes, Heidi J (Support Services Nurse)

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Just popping by to say that I really feel for you both right now. This journey is so tough with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). My husband is in hospital at the moment for his stem cell transplant but he was diagnosed in late October. His first round of chemo failed and he then had two Flag IDa / FLAG and some other rounds making 8 rounds in total. He had an infection or multiple with every round and each time it required an in patient stay, sometimes for weeks. He would always spike fevers when neutropenic and the only resolution would be for him to grow neutrophils again.

You are not alone, please remember that. Hopefully when his neutrophils come back up, he might be able to get a bit of time at home before his next chemo?

Lots of love to you.

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Thank you so much for your support,I had read of your journey with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) before plucking up the courage to join this community. When you get a diagnosis that knocks you for six you expect ups and downs, this is a whole new level of uncertainty. My husband has always been positive whereas I am a glass half empty woman!
Thinking of him enduring fifteen weeks in hospital without any time at home breaks my heart. I know he is in the right place, getting the best care possible. He is on his fifth round of treatment at the moment which will hopefully have an impact on his bone marrow. Then a stem cell transplant in the near future.
I wish your husband a successful transplant and a smooth recovery. Bless you and thank you x


Oh @Gilly you have a great personal insight into yourself and emotionally you are a glass half empty woman and practically you realise that your husband is in the right place.
Perhaps just take it a day at a time, I know easier said than done.
You have us here so please do use us and yes, it feels like a rollercoaster sometimes.
Care for yourself as well as you care for your husband, I call it self care, and topping up my battery.
Please do keep posting x

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