Husband diagnosed with AML

Oh @Toadmum it was all going so well too, but as you say it is all part of your rollercoaster.
Yes, the extra light is lovely and isn’t it wonderful to spend time outside.
I love walking too, a brilliant occupation for someone as nosey as I am.
A belated happy birthday to your husband and your swimming sounds just what you needed.
Be kind to yourselves

Well, the Easter holidays come to a close! We started it with a one night stay in A&E followed by a mild viral infection which required 3 nights in hospital. He also finished cycle 1 of 2 of the A&V chemo in readiness for transplant and we got the good news last week that bone marrow aspiration was still clear of leukaemia.

We are just waiting now for new chemo start date and take 2 for our transplant attempt after March cancellations. He has been looking well, much more colour and vitality more quickly than after the previous chemo regimes. It has been nice to have him home excluding the blip at the beginning of the holidays!

I am doing pretty good at the moment. The kids are doing good. Trying to fill my and their cups before we ramp up for transplant.

Take care everyone, lots of love!


Small update here! We started cycle 6 / cycle 2 of our bonus, unexpected chemo cycles today. What progress when I think back to 200 posts ago and we had just found out he had leukaemia. Really proud of ourselves today - and everyday.

Another round of the same as last month. He is still neutropenic so we spent quite a while at the hospital this morning waiting for consultant approval as it is outside of protocol to start with the neutrophils he has.

We go again tomorrow and Friday, and then Mon-Thurs next week for daily injections which he hates.

Hope that you are having a good day, whenever you come across this post.


Ahh @Toadmum Thanks for the update. So you should be proud. It is a long and hard battle huh?

Rest well tonight and keep us posted.

Sending love and positive thoughts xx

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Sending love and positive energy
I hope you are doing okay

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Hi @Toadmum I think it is a massive update and you should both be extremely proud of yourselves.
It is interesting when we look back at our original posts, isn’t it !!!.
Look after yourselves and please keep those updates coming.

I hadn’t realised how long it has been since I’ve been on here. What a lot to catch up on. So many ups and downs. I’m always in awe of how resilient you (or we) all are.

My dad has now been off treatment for 7 months. So he had 7 months on 7 months off. The latest blood test results were good but the bone marrow sample wasn’t good enough to really see what was going on there. The doctor said that the bloods show the bone marrow is functioning though.

The thing that is worrying us at the moment is that dad keeps getting a pressure ache up his neck and over his head, which then causes him to get dizzy and have to get down on the floor before falling.

Back in July last year he knocked himself out in the loft (why he thought that at 82 and living with leukaemia he should be up in the loft I don’t know) and he’s convinced it’s something to do with that. So he finally confessed to his consultant about the accident and got a right telling off. It was quite amusing really. Anyway a head scan showed his brain was fine, so now we are waiting for a neck xray and MRI. But that and the fatigue are really getting him down. So keeping fingers crossed they work out what it is.

In a few weeks my partner and I will be moving in with mum and dad while we have work done on our house. So we’ll be able to keep an eye on him.

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Oh @Ilona Great to hear from you again, and the update on your dad.
At 82yrs and he gets told off!!
Good to hear that he is awaiting tests, it must be scary for him.
It will give you some insight when you you are staying with your parents, it will taking some adjustments for all of you.
I hope the works on your house go smoothly.
Look after yourselves, all of you.

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