Lenalidomide / cyclophosphamide night sweats

Hi all, I have recently relapsed with Multiple myeloma and my first treatment was stopped as my light chains continued to climb. I have since he put on lenalidomide, cyclophosphamide and dex and whereas I was getting some night sweats prior to my latest treatment I am now getting it every night.

My question is, has anyone had similar experiences on any of these drugs and if so, is there anything that could be done?

Many thanks

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Hi @Hopefulness, no, sorry I cannot help you, but your night sweats must be so uncomfortable.
I hope others can help you.

Hi Hopefullness, sorry to hear about the night sweats they are horrible and relentless. I am fairly newly diagnosed with myeloma and have now finished my 6 month course of cyclophosphamide, dex and velcade.(no lenalidomide as yet). Strangely I had many night sweats before the treatment but not when I was on it. The sweats have now made an unwelcome return for me since finishing treatment. When I spoke to my doc he seemed to think that my hormones are still firing off (Iā€™m 58) which the treatment holds at bay and the sweats return once you come off them. Looks like you have the opposite problem to me! I can however very much sympathise. Hope your medical team can help you. Take Care

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Thank you Erica - very kind of you

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Thanks for your response Lyn. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment

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I started on Lenalidomide after my stem cell transplant after 2 weeks of the drug I woke one morning and looked in the mirror and the skin on my face was peeling I looked like a snake shedding its skin. I let my consultant know and I was told to stop the drug, since then we have tried again with a lower dose and I seem to be handling it better no peeling, from reading what this drug does to the Myeloma cells I think its an important tool in fighting of the day I/we will relapse